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October 09 2008

Felicia Day and the cast of "The Guild" at Blizzcon. The whole cast will take part in a panel discussion, show a sneak peak of Season 2, plus they will have a booth to sell DVDs and photos.

The cast of the popular web series The Guild will be making a live appearance at this year's BlizzCon, participating in a discussion panel and chatting with attendees about all aspects of the show. They'll also be giving folks a first-ever sneak preview of their upcoming second season.

The Guild is an independent web-based sitcom that depicts the real-life adventures of a group of online gamers. It's written for gamers, about gamers, and by a gamer, and has won several prestigious awards for Best Web Series. If you’re not yet familiar with The Guild -- or just want to get to know its members better -- head over to to catch all 10 episodes of Season 1 right now.

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The blizzard website appears to be down for some reason, but the news is posted over at the Guild website, along with their schedule at the event.

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