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October 09 2008

(SPOILER) Cover art and solicitation info for Buffy #22. It's a Steven S. DeKnight penned issue.

Hang on.

I've got to say this out loud.

Well, type it.

Vampire tribbles?
Tribbles don't have limbs. This is more like vampire pokemon.

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Whatever they are I want one.
O no! Who turned Picachu?

Cute, cuddly and undead
Sharp teeth in big round heads

ETfurtherA: Spelling!

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To get this convo back on a serious footing (?)- OMG is that Chen cover gorgeous!
I knew that the person pictured on issue #23's cover wouldn't have the brains to pull this off herself. She's either just taking advantage of it or she's been hired as a front.

Problem; these aren't the 50s or weven the 80s. In this day and age of niche programming and niche ideologies, of "separate Americas," etc., any movement to popularize vamps has to have its backlash leading to SLayer groupies arising. Or maybe Joss will treat this like a 70s thing and have everyone agreeing.

Maybe. I hope not. I mean, even an as pig-headed and stuck in the late 60s bunch as the MArvel Bullpen evenutally realized that soem ordianry people would turn against the anti-mutant investigatiosn and support them. And I figure Joss as more creative than they tend to be.
It's cool that his debut issue for Buffy season 8 will come out at around the same time as his new show airs.
The thing I miss the most about Buffy on tv (at 5:17 EDT today) is the unexpected weirdness. You just can't predict what turn for the bizarre the ride will take next.

Kennedy gets to evaluate people? Yipe.

ETA Not a Kennedy bash, just a Kennedy whoa.

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I. Love. Jo. Chen.

I thought the exactly same thing. At least I know I'm not crazy.
I was thinking that they were Buffy's Adipose.
Not so much Tribbles as kind of an ode to Barbarella. You know, those crazy mechanical dolls with metal fangs. No? Must it's just be my obsession with the 'rella.

And yes, Jo Chen... I seriously wanna watch this woman paint. For days even! Funner than grass growing. And way more pretty.
Nice one :) Buffy attacked by swarm of neko, film at 11.
I thought they were rabid cosplaying teddy bears. I want one too.
Jo Chen nailed Kennedy, as she has all characters so far. And wow, if Satsu had looked that hot in the interior art, I might have been 'shipping Buffy/Satsu by now. ;) (Kidding. Mostly.)

I'm looking forward to this issue, as Stephen S. DeKnight was one of my favourite writers in the televised seasons of Buffy and Angel ("Dead Things", "Seeing Red", "Destiny", "Shells"...)
Wow, I didn't realize they were already up to volume 28 of Berserk...

Oh yeah! Nice cover art!
Jo Chen nailed Kennedy

Oh, man, Buffy's gonna be pissed!
Jo Chen nailed Kennedy, as she has all characters so far. And wow, if Satsu had looked that hot in the interior art, I might have been 'shipping Buffy/Satsu by now.
Well, Buffy said she was hot, right? And with Kennedy smokin' up the other side of the page, I may actually have to spring for this cover as a poster. My first thought was a double "hommina".

Then I looked at the other cover and went, "What the frak? Vamped-up albino Steiff bears!"

Okay, I so need a real life...
Oh, man, Buffy's gonna be pissed!

You mean Willow! And I just knew someone was going to make that joke, but I couldn't be bothered to find a synonym. ;)
*bows before Jo Chen*

(I cannot relay any reliable judgement on the monster because I am too busy staring in gap-jawed wonder at Satsu and Kennedy.)
Oops, I saw what you wrote then translated it to Satsu in my head. No one knows why. Oh, yeah, sleepy :).
Well, okay, this is where the Katsu begins. Or the Sennedy. Though I prefer Katsu, which is a pork or chicken cutlet. :-)

No, really. I think this is where the two end up hooking up, because something has to send Willow round the bend.
So that's what Satsu actually looks like...
(I cannot relay any reliable judgement on the monster because I am too busy staring in gap-jawed wonder at Satsu and Kennedy.)

*blink* ...... there was a monster on that cover??

(goes to look again)

Jesus H. Christ on a crutch, for a minute there, I thought I really *DO* need to get a real life.
They're just next to each other in combat poses, that doesn't (have to) scream "Kensuko" to me. I can always hope...but then that isn't really what I'm hoping for, just Willow with open options. Shutting up now.

I still can't conceive of losing Kennedy as enough to send Willow round the bend, but then my personal blind spot has never allowed me to see Willedy as much more than an extended bout of (RIP Suzanne Pleshette) charity whocka-whocka.
Does anyone think the furries look like vampire kitties? No?

Shamelessness be damned, I'll admit that I just finished watching 'America's Next Top Model' before seeing this solicitation and my first thought was: 'Great pose, Kennedy!' It really does look like she was coached by Tyra.

Remember the complaints about how similar the covers were for Issue 21...well, we certainly don't have that problem here. Two smoking hot slayers posing in Japan on one and mysterious vampire furries swarming Buffy on the other.

ETA: Look at the cute mini-Dracula suits the furries are wearing! Now, I know it's wrong to make your pets dress up in little outfits, but come on - those miniature vests and vampire capes are adorable :)

[ edited by Emmie on 2008-10-10 01:51 ]
...Hello Vamp!Kitties?
I've been dying to see Jo Chen's Satsu.
Somewhere between a demon kitty and a slug with teeth...yet somehow, winsome?
Maybe we're about to see what really happened when Spike played Kitten Poker...
Jo Chen does such sexy covers! And now its like triple the sexy with Kennedy and Satsu looking so good. It's nice to see Chen's version of Satsu, it's almost like seeing who the actress would be.
America's Next Top Slayer? Kennedy did a great job of smiling with her eyes and Satsu's using her neck. Tyra would indeed be proud.
I dunno...I am a huge, huge fan of Chen, but Satsu looks oddly Caucasian to me here. Not how I pictured her.


Still an awesome cover though. Kennedy is spot on.

The alternate cover is a hoot! Like some others here I immediately thought of vampire pokemon.

"Gotta catch 'em all!"
Wow, Satsu looks stunning, and Japanese.

Yes, most Asians can tell apart if someone is Korean, Chinese, Taiwanese or Japanese.

Though, Satsu's look does remind me of Jo's Runaways cover, with Nico on the spotlight.

Hopefully I will have caught up by then.

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Re: Alternate Cover:

The pygmy panda breeding programme got slightly out of hand.
Kennedy and Satsu? Look at how not excited I am about this.
Kennedy? Blah.
Another beautiful Jo Chen cover. She's so good it hurts.
As usual, Jo Chen knocks it outta the park.

As for the furry little monsterlings, they for some reason remind me of that thing from The Jetsons. This thing.
See, Kennedy has an episode with Satsu, Tara doesn't have an episode at all, and Oz gets 5. I think we all know who the real love of Willow's life is.
Sparticus; Tara has existing obligations. Oz, unless he's joining Britney's new back-up band, has no ties and is avaialable for the comic....
I was going to say that! Tara's busy being a higher being and hanging out with Cordy while waiting for Willow to show up. :-)
Actually, Tara died and passed back into the Circle of Life, to be reincarnated...

As Connor. :-)
stormwreath; The timing is wrong. Assuming the epsidoes aired in chronological order, Tara was alive when Connor was "born."

And Dana5140 is right; otherwise the First would have tried to be Tara eventually, if not in "CWDP" then eventually. She discusses working with Cordy in my fic "Buffy Meets the Heroes of the Past :-)."

[ edited by DaddyCatALSO on 2008-10-10 22:11 ]
Wait, we're not actually saying that the First couldn't take Tara's form because she was a higher being? Just joking, right? As opposed to Amber Benson not wanting to reprise her role as the source of all evil and tarnish the memory of Tara on the show.
I have always been of the firm belief that Amber appearing in "Conversations with Dead People" would not have tarnished the memory of Tara at all; it just would've been Really Fucking Disturbing. It's one of my favorite episodes anyway, but I would've been chilled to the bone had the First actually been taking Tara's form.
Emmie UnpluggedCrazy : Well, the hard real-world "brute fact" of Amber and whatever the reasons were for her not returning don't exist inside the Buffyverse so it's in its way an attempt to find an explanation that fits a certain kind of simple logic.

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