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October 09 2008

You can now carve your own Dr. Horrible jack-o-lantern for Halloween. There's also a Captain Hammer pumpkin carving template here.

So who's going to come up with a Penny template?
That was actually quite frightening. Now all I need is the right pumpkin.
There's also a link provided for the crew of Firefly from last year's batch.
This is awesome. Now I will have to carve two pumpkins this year.
I heard the Hammer man has moved on to nail guns now.
Ha! Love it! Very nicely done!
Oh, fantastic. If anything could make me carve a pumpkin and risk local trick & treaters, that might be it. But I will probably just be hiding upstairs in the dark as normal...
'Captain Nail Gun'. Doesn't have the same ring.

Apparently, the nail gun is also his...
If you have any requests for other pumpkin carving templates, post them in the comments! And be sure to send pictures of your completed pumpkins to :)
wasn't there a template for Serenity a couple years ago?
some talented folks out there

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