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October 10 2008

Family Guy Sings coming to Carnegie Hall November 24-25. The cast including Seth Green will perform an unedited live reading of two episodes.

The program will also feature popular songs from the series. Link leads to where to purchase tickets.

Haven't they done this sort of thing before? If so did anyone here go to it?
They did it in LA a couple of time - this is the first time in NYC.
LOIS: Peter, I can't believe you invited your old girlfriend over for dinner!
PETER: You think that's bad? Remember the time we did Family Guy Live in New York City?
[cut to: Family Guy Live, NYC]
BRIAN: Man, am I wasted! *hiccup*
STEWIE: Am I getting paid scale for this?
SETH GREEN: God, this sucks! I used to be on a real show! One that had, like, vampires! And teen angst! Man. I used to be cool.
WILLIAM SHATNER: *jumps into frame* You think that's bad? Let me tell you about a little meal ticket of mine...
[cut to: Bridge of Starship Enterprise]
WILLIAM SHATNER: Captain's Log -- stiff and a little green. Must -- check with -- dietician.
VERN: *jumps into frame* You know what'll make you go on a diet? Vaudeville! You gotta be slim, you gotta be trim, or they'll boo you off the stage. You know what keeps me slim? Singing! Well, we're way out here, in the final frontier, but Mary won't you take me home...Commericial! Damn! Play me off, Johnny!
JOHNNY: *Plays piano*
[cut to: Griffin house]
PETER: Anyway, I can't believe I invited my old girlfriend over for din--
[The CHICKEN busts through the door. Peter and the Chicken glare at each other, before launching into a pointless fight that wastes six minutes of screentime. Finally, the Chicken collapses. Peter, clothes shredded, walks away. Cut back to the Chicken, whose eyes open...and then he SIGHS.]
CHICKEN: Oh, Peter. Where did we go wrong? And I thought you invited me over for dinner.
SETH GREEN: *jumps into frame* I USED TO BE COOL!!!!!

Did I mention I hate Family Guy?
I saw the show in Chicago last September. It was a total blast. Highly recommended. We got stories from the cast about how they got their role...Seth MacFarlane and Seth Green talked about how all the other applicants for Chris Griffin used a "surfer dude" voice and as soon as they heard Seth's version, they knew he was their choice.

It became very adult themed humor as the show progressed. They were all drinking on stage (and the audience obviously was already hammered when they arrived, I know I was). For example, MacFarlane and Alex Borstein sang the Barbara Streisand/Neil Diamond classic, You Dont Bring Me Flowers Anymore but they sang, "You dont eat my pussy, anymore" instead. (I took a short video clip of it with my camera, if anyone wants a copy, send me an email and I'll try to dig it up)

Seth MacFarlane kept calling hecklers, "you f*ck" but overall, it was a really funny evening.

If you have the chance to see it, definitely do it! But make sure you go to the late show and not the sober first show.

My only disappointment for the whole night was when they introduced Seth Green, they asked if there were "any Austin Powers fans out there? How out any robot Chicken fans?" I kept waiting for them to say "Buffy fans?" but they never did.
BAFfler for someone who hates Family Guy, you know the show really really well.
You could call me a fairly recent dropoff from the wagon.

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