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October 10 2008

Happy Birthday Michelle Trachtenberg. It is The Key to the destruction of mankind's Birthday!

Let's hope there's no trouble. It's not Tuesday...

Yours was one of the best performances in one of the best episodes (The Body), Ms. Trachtenberg--Happy Birthday!
Woot. :) Congratulations to her. :D
Oh, how nice!
I'm watching 'Blood Ties' just now!

Get out! Get out! GET OOOUUUTTTTT!!!! LOL

Congratz to Ms. Trachtenberg!
Hope to see more of her in the future! (as long as it isn't in Gossip Girl....... can't watch that... even for her....)
Definitely not an "Ice" Princess...
Happy Birthday!
Happy Birthday!
Happy birthday, Michelle!
Happy happy, Michelle!
Happy Birthday, Michelle!

Looking forward to seeing more of your work =o)
Happy Birthday!
Happy Birthday, Ms. Trachtenberg!
Happy Birthday, Michelle Trachtenberg!

Btw, do we know when her movie with (and by) Topher Grace is coming out?
@LKW: What?! I've not heard a word about this. Tell me more. :)

... Oh, and happy birthday to Michelle, of course.
Heh - I had to do a little Google to remind me of the name of the film, kungfubear. It's called "Kids in America", and it's set in the 80's (I mentioned "eighties" in my search), with Grace as a writer/producer/actor; but, I haven't heard much about it in the past several months. (Of course, now that I have the title again, I could do some more googling when I have time...)

(Edited to add a little more detail)

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