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October 11 2008

"I think we're going to all do it very differently". Jason Smilovic, creator of the upcoming NBC drama 'My Own Worst Enemy', comments on the supposedly similar premises between his show and Dollhouse. Christian Slater also talks about the similarities in this interview with the futon critic.

I Just watched the pilot of Worst Enemy and I can see where the differences between this show and Dollhouse in how the self-awareness is being handled by the shows. Very different and both are fun and interesting to watch.
I missed My Own Worst Enemy, but the premises barely sound similar.

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Not seen it but the premise and using Henry and Edward for the names surely makes it much closer to 'The Strange Case of Doctor Jekyll and Mr Hyde' ? Maybe someone saw 'Jekyll' and was inspired (or maybe it just came along totally independently).

If I had to pitch it in one of those horrible 'X meets Y' summations it'd be "'Jekyll and Hyde' meets 'True Lies'" (as I say, just from this article and previously read blurbs).
The official on air premier in this Monday the 13th at 10pm. I think it's online and free to download at itunes etc.
I've seen the pilot. Not once did I think it seemed like "Dollhouse." Both personalities in "Enemy" are ongoing, with permanent (albeit different) lives. In "Dollhouse," unless I've very much misunderstood the premise, the dolls don't have much of a life at the dollhouse and don't remember going out; when they are out, it's temporary, at least one person in the "new life" (whoever paid for the doll) is aware this isn't real and the doll has no idea the dollhouse exists. To me, the two shows sound about as similar to each other as both are to "Samantha Who?", which is to say, not very.
Until this article, it never even occurred to me to think of them as all that similar.

It still doesn't.

I plan on watching both shows, and "My Own Worst Enemy" feels substantively different when you're talking about a man with two competing identities vs. a woman that's a blank slate, an etch-a-sketch.
Sometimes I (ungraciously) think that people insert comparisons or references to Joss' work just to see if it will drive up hits/readership.
Very astute, TamaraC. I also sometimes think that, and I was surprised (as well as a little worried) that on all the trailers for Dollhouse, I didn't really see Joss's name or prior shows mentioned, the way any company would by now with another creator. For instance, Fringe is "from JJ Abrams and the writers of Transformers", as if the latter were something to be proud of. Arguments for or against Transformers aside, it's one movie and it didn't win any Oscars, why brag about them being involved just yet. I'm just saying Joss's TV record is much stronger and they don't mention it. Seems like more lack of marketing common sense or just plain underhandedness from Fox. I really went off on a rant and I didn't mean to.

Only sometimes, TamaraC? I think this frequently. Because people do it frequently.
PuppetDoug, Joss' record of drawing large numbers of eyeball to TV can't even begin to compete with JJ Abrams so I don't see how you can even begin to make that point. Millions more people know who JJ is over Joss and millions more people saw Transformers than Serenity. I don't even want to compare box office because it would be horrible depressing. It is easy to think that others see Joss' draw because we see it. That thinking is wrong.

B1x, I was trying to walk the edge of overly cynical. I'm glad that we have you to push me over. :)
Sometimes I (ungraciously) think that people insert comparisons or references to Joss' work just to see if it will drive up hits/readership.

Our influence is overestimated.
To me, the two shows sound about as similar to each other as both are to "Samantha Who?", which is to say, not very.

Mwuh hah hah ha hah! (I can only hope Roush or someone else happens to mention Dollhouse and SW in the same article, just so a misleading thread title can be posted.)

Edit: Whoops, already been done.,,20200712,00.html

"Evoking memories of Alias, Samantha Who?, The Pretender, and Total Recall then wiping them away with the promise of Whedon's distinctively hilarious, humane, high-strange vision..."

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