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July 25 2003

All you ever wanted to know about the Buffy series DVDs courtesy of @N-Zone Magazine (Region 1 only).

The DVD info is nice for someone who doesn't have them already which probably does not pertain to the people who post here!

I did go and read the author's evaluation of the Restless episode. A few things were mentioned that I hadn't thought of before but I think a lot of it didn't hit the mark at all. That could be, however, just a matter of personal opinion. An episode like Restless is definitely one that is up for interpretation. It's one of my all-time favorites for that reason alone.
wait, I only got the UK region 2 editions of the DVD... there's an Oz interview and extra commentary on "Wild at Heart"???

Dang. DANG. That annoys the hell outta me.

I guess patience really is a virtue.
A friend once let me see her season one dvd collection of Buffy back when I didn't have a dvd player. That was fun. There's something to be said though for also having all seven seasons on VHS, which she does. She let me take THOSE home, but at the time the dvd remained at her house. Now I'm borrowing one of her dvd players. I'm such a mooch! But I can't really afford to buy dvds and I'm not interested in amassing a collection of them. I look now at my collection of compact discs and videotapes and audio cassette tapes and the vinyl records in my closet.. My eight tracks didn't stand the test of time at all, but you get my meaning. Which is why I have recently become a NetFlix convert. So many dvds so little time. I saw all of Angel Season one thanks to Netflix. My ladyfriend's more of a Spike fan than an Angel fan. =) She didn't bother taping any of Angel.

...Upon further contemplation, I can't help but question why SMG and AH are so painfully absent from the special features and interviews of the dvd collections, when they are THE principal two leads in the series overall. I mean not to knock Brendon or ASH, but this IS a female empowerment story. The ladies take precedence. The answer of course is that as the DVDs are being put together, both ladies have their sights set on movies, and their agents probably insist on a higher price for the appearance of their respective talents than the DVD producers wish to pay. And who gets ripped off? Well obviously the two ladies in question are not affected one way or the other. The production company(ies) in question get their cut and will make millions regardless. So it's the fans who are slighted.

I'm sure if questioned, SMG's people and AH's people would simply explain there were scheduling conflicts - that there was never a time when the talents in question and the dvd crew were able to get together. My uneducated opinion is that it boiled down to money.

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I'm not quite as cynical as ZachsMind - I'm sure money is part of it, but I think it's also just that what else can they say that they haven't already shown us in their performances?

I'm always disappointed when I hear the actors talking (except maybe for ASH) because it ends up sounding so vapid - even though I know they all must be smart people, how smart can people sound talking about themselves and their feelings and their trailers and their admiration for Joss?

Although I'm a glutton for anything having to do with these series, ultimately I'm happy being left always wanting more.
The Australian (Region 4) Series 4 DVD set doesn't have the additional commentary/interview with Seth, either. :(

Australian/UK fans might be getting DVD sets ahead of North America, but it looks like it's better to wait for the Region 1 versions than buy the Region 2 or 4 versions and miss out on content. (For those of us with multiregion players, that is.)
I Just received the following from Amazon and wonder if anyone knows when the fifth season will be released
Greetings from

We are sorry to report that the release of the following
item has been cancelled:

"Buffy Vampire Slayer: Season 5"

Though we had expected to be able to send this item to you, we've
since found that it will not be released after all. Please accept
our sincerest apologies for the inconvenience we have caused you.

Your order is now closed.
Wha? That's really strange, Linda!
I would reckon it's just out of stock rather than it's been cancelled. Certaintly that's what the relevant web page on Amazon says.
But why would they cancel orders, if it's only out of stock?
I got the same email btw.

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