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October 11 2008

What's in a (charity's) name? An article in the Austin American-Statesman mentions some Browncoats doing some good.

Awesome! Got to love those browncoats, what a hardy bunch!
As I was reading, I was afraid they were never going to explain why the name "Browncoats". And there it was. Didn't mention Serenity but good write-up.
Erm, there is not some national non-profit called Browncoats of which there are local chapters, or whatever incorrect statement the reporter was trying to make.
Yeah, the reporter made a generalization, figuring we must be a national non-profit movement. She researched all the fan groups, and thought they were all non-profit chapters. We've already emailed her, and she should post a correction or addendum. I explained to her there are very few groups that are actual 501(c)(3) NPOs, like SEBC and Austin Browncoats.

But, we are happy she found us and was interested in doing an article. :)

Browncoats National

Browncoats International

Browncoats Earth That Was
Been meaning to post this somewhat-related note. Now seems a perfect time....
Not that we Texans like to brag or anything ;^) but the Austin screening of Serenity back in July brought in the most coin of any other screening (at least those reporting in). YEE-haw!! And backing us up was Houston (also in Texas, a-hem).

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