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October 12 2008

(SPOILER) Brian Lynch comments on finishing issue 15 of Angel:ATF at his blog. Brian drops some hints at what's coming in that issue.

So I would say major spoilery hints based on his comments etc.

Nope. There are more than three gravestones in the photo. I think he just showed a picture of the grave to mean that someone's going to die. I doubt the number of graves in the picture is meant to mean anything.
I wonder it it's a cautionary tale?
I said three because only three have clear images of crosses.It's like those three are spotlighted.But you could be right and it's just symbolic that death is coming and not necessarly more than one death.
I am really excited. When does the next issue come out?
I feel as if I suddenly know that they're going to kill him. Bastards! Just kidding :(
I certainly hope he looked into that subtility issue like I told him too.
I deleted the comments in the "extended description" field because they are transmitted to RSS feed receivers and so should not be spoilers. Also revised the link title, since "ominous comments" by itself tells people that something more than usual might be up.
Also: :
"That image is not necessarily related to upcoming events in ANGEL:AFTER THE FALL. Who's to say WHAT will happen? Anything's possible."
According to TFAW, Angel ATF #13 and Spike ATF #4 are both due on Oct. 29.

Seems like IDW is running a month late too!
Yeah, I figure a giveaway icon isn't likely, but he's hinting we should expect a "Wow (full stop) wasn't that a soemthing?" moment out of it.

Irrelevant to his writing but I'd thought Brian was a black guy. Live'n'loin.
I always find it strange when something that the writer himself talks about could be considered as spoiling anything. I really doubt the person who's put all the blood, sweat, and tears into the project would want anything out there that could spoil all their hard work for anyone.
Ok. This thread is giving me the willies.

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