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"Oh Summers you drive like a spaz!"
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October 13 2008

SMG is the number one "Butt-kicking" babe. Also see Summer Glau at no. 12 and 25 on this list!

You just can't get enouth of Buffy! I love her!
I was honestly surprised to see Buffy at #1, and surprised to see Summer Glau's characters twice on the list. I suppose the Ballet Dancer in "Angel" and whatever she played on the "OC" just didn't rate...

Seriously, nice to see so many of Joss' characters rated so highly. Particularly since Angel/Buffy rated a mention as one of the cult phenoms that Entertainment Weekly viewers refused to see (note, that is at least one viewer said so about each entry, and in the case of Buffy/Angel the person hated vampires so wasn't going to watch anything with them in it).
I can't believe Summer got into two spots on the list. That is how awesome she is. But i have to admit, SMG at top, she sure deserves that.
Summer wasn't on the OC. That was Morena. Summer was on The Unit and 4400.
Glad to see Summer, Gellar, and Jennifer Garner getting nods.

However, the failed remake of Bionic Woman? Really?

And where the hell is Xena? Max from Dark Angel? Mystique from the X-Men movies? Lara Croft?
CowboyCliche: Mystique is a badgal, tho, isn't she? (Well, she still was in the mid-80s.) Isn't this about the champions?
Yeah, mad props to Summer for getting in twice and of corse congrats to SMG, but what the hell is the Bionic Woman and that Roger Corman thing doing in the list?
I figured if Buffy were #1, Xena would be #2. What the?
Okay, I know alliteration makes for punchy headlines, but is "Butt-Kicking Babes" really necessary? How about "Butt-Kicking Women"? I know it doesn't have quite the same ring, but it does have the added bonus of respecting the characters and the actresses who play them. Not too thrilled about "Shrieking Violets" either.


It is good to see Buffy at the top of the list, however, even if I don't care for the descriptors in the title.
Thanks TamaraC - I had tried to blank out that wasted hour of my life (watching the "OC") and flubbed that one. Either way, we've got Summer to watch each week (or so if you've recorded the SCC) and lots of dvds with her and Sarah Michelle Gellar to view again.
I agree with the Xena comments - that's just crazy. But I have to admit to making an actual SQUEAL-of-delight to see my beloved Chaplin on the same web page as Buffy. OH YEAH!!!

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