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July 25 2003

Photos (Tiny Thumbnails) from the 'American Wedding' World Premiere Last Night. There are also photos from a different photographer as well as photos from the afterparty. Alyson wasn't the only 'Buffy' alumnus there.

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Joss was also present (as evidenced by the Angel news and Buffy reflections link at but not pictured.

Y'know Wire Image is startin' to get on my nerves. I know they got bills to pay but I'm not gonna sign up and be charged to click on pictures. Does this marketing model actually work, or is it just another annoying failure all around, like popup ads?
One of the mods at the Kitten board was at the premiere. She's got some great photos posted here.
I would think it does, seeing as news publications that carry stories related to such events end up paying the huge cost for the rights. But perhaps it is stupid and they're just hanging on for dear life.
Well, I'm sure bandwidth costs are an issue for any website that features high-quality images for download.
FWIW, in the Kitten's page, the "Skank" who's listed is Nikki Ziering, a former Playboy Playmate who was married to Ian Ziering of 90210 fame.
wow, Alyson looks gorgeous. goggle.
Wow, Alyson is looking amazing. Is this the same chick that was on Buffy???
Also some WireImage photos seem to have been bought by Yahoo, see this.

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