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October 13 2008

Buffy back to open tv in Brazil. Brazilian Tv Channel, Rede Tv returns Buffy On Sunday 19 at 5:00 p.m.

Ok, the majority of whedonesquers wont give a damn to this news and I hate this Channel (they take off Star Trek: Enterprise in the middle of a season!) but, like nobody posted it...

I hope that this work out and Fox Film finally decides to release the last 2 seasons of Buffy and the final 3 seasons of Angel. Its been more than a year since they released something from both shows here in Brazil.
Was Firefly ever aired in Brazil? Just curious...
They started playing Angel on Thursday nights on my local station here in Canada. That was a happy surprise!
"Was Firefly ever aired in Brazil? Just curious..."

Yes. I remember some people complaining about Firefly taking the place of Dark Angel =P

But I never really watched since I spent some time without cable TV and can't say how many episodes they (Fox) aired .
Brazilian Chaon Man, you forgot the "!" at the end of the Rede TV, it seems to be important to them. LOL

Well, I did tweet about the matter earlier yesterday, just didn't deemed that important for a link about it.

About Firefly in Brazil.
The complain about Firefly taking over Dark Angel, was all over, not only in Brazil, because the same did happen in the US. As the Friday night time slot, used to be the Dark Angel timeslot. (The following year Fastlane and John Doe, would get their shot and the time slot, faring no better).
But unlike BtVS or Angel which both had brief previous runs on local network TV in Brazil, Firefly was only broadcasted in the local cable Fox division.
Out of order of course, but unlike the US, all the episodes were shown, including "Heart of Gold", "Trash" and "The Message".
It was so surprising that I remember including a front page post about it here on Whedonesque back then (check our archives for Firefly news from back in late 2003 or early 2004).
Brazilian Chaon Man, you forgot the "!" at the end of the Rede TV, it seems to be important to them.
Oh, Yu're right, but It's Brasilian with "s" - It was suposed to be a joke with my c*** English and the fact that I live in the capital of the country.

Well, I did tweet about the matter earlier yesterday, just didn't deemed that important for a link about it.
Me too, unless the twitter part, but still...
Is Buffy subtitled or is it dubbed into Portuguese? I think it aired in Portugal but I've yet to hear anything about Angel.
It will be dubbed.

Back in 1998, when Buffy aired on Fox (Brazil), the show was dubbed too. If I remember well, they kept dubbed till season 3 or 4, than changed to the original audio + subtitles.
Sorry for the typo BCM.

AngelDiva, you hardly ever find subtitled shows or movies in network tv in Brazil, everything is dubbed, making it more accessible to general public. So the re-broadcast, as Marduk pointed will be dubbed.

There was a shift around 2000-2001 in which cable channels after heavy public demand started to get more subtitled content, Fox cable channel was one of them.

Onto the subtitle and dubbing saga I remember that well (which is subject to a lot of discussion onto the light of recent events), I remember discussing the issue during the panel in Buffy Season 2 DVD launch release event, it was just around the time the subtitle broadcasts were about to be implemented.

The subtitles started actually a little later, it was midway into the first half of 5th Season of Buffy and 2nd season of Angel. Originally slated to debut on the night of "Fool for Love" and "Darla", but actually only happened the following week. How do I remember that, I used to record every single episode and keep them in VHS. The Original plan was the Tuesday episode debut night broadcast would be subtitled, while the weekend re-rerun would be dubbed. Later on everything just shifted to subtitled content, until sometime last year, with a big turn-around happened and featured the return of dubbed content, but that's an issue that I won't dwell much in here.

Anyway, Rede TV!'s rebroadcast will be dubbed, the results will be interesting to see what this means for chances of "Angel" be shown in their entirety on a Brazilian Network TV, or even newer stuff like "Dollhouse".

What about Angel on Rede Globo? I remember seeing a season 5 episode about 2 years ago. I dont know if they jumped seasons or the episodes where shown out of order, but maybe they aired the complete series.

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