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October 13 2008

Joss inspires romance author! Lucy Clark, a Harlequin Medical Romance author, gushes about how Joss influences her writing on this blog post.


Isn't that, like, wee ? How romantic (thinking tingle may have been intended ;).

And did Joss write a draft of 'Twister' ? Can't remember if I knew that or not.

It's nice to hear people being inspired by El Purp though, that's how great art touches people. Small(ish ;) pebbles, big ripples.
Tinkle, tingle...either way, too much information.
ICK. And some people write bad fanfic, too. Don't blame Joss.

[ edited by cronopiogal on 2008-10-14 00:11 ]
Aww, it's a throw away line, tongue-in-check or panty or whathaveyou; don't judge this author's sweet article on those words. This is fandom at its incontinental best.
Throwaway lines say something about the person doing the throwing, well, the ones I use do. Undecided about how much I dig the article or not.

[ edited by DaddyCatALSO on 2008-10-14 01:20 ]
And on the day that the final change was rung on the trope of happiness-induced weeing, we stood silently by and contained ourselves.

After that, nice. I find the Demon Writer of TV a fairly constant creative inspiration. I've gotten so used to it that it's nice to be reminded how extraordinary it really is.

Seriously, no more humor of self-soilage. It's all wet.
...we stood silently by and contained ourselves.

Actually, I didn't quite contain myself. Hey, accidents happen.
Great article. Always happy to see Joss's influence spreading.
Well, besides that one bad turn of phrase, that was a sweet post.

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