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October 13 2008

Neil Patrick Harris, as Barney Stinson, reads "The Bro Code". Just released today--Tuesday, October 14th--the book and audio book by "Barney Stinson" entitled The Bro Code.

The link is to the audio version, since that's probably the only version that directly involves NPH.

You can find the paperback version here.

This looks hilarious. I want it too. How long do you think it is?
Barney broke the most serious code I will not consider him to be a credible source. And I suspect he's only doing this for the book tour groupie sex.

ETA: Who am I trying to kid? Barney is awesome - with a Dr. Horrible ripple-fingers high five!

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That looks awesome. I want.
According to a comment on the Whedonesque LJ feed by somebody without an account here (here) the audio version is around 90 minutes running time.

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