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October 14 2008

Tilzy TV's Top Five Evil League of Evil Application Videos. No explanation required.

Aww. Mine wasn't mentioned.

There's still hope though, I guess.
These have been awesome to watch, personally I've rooting for Princess Zombie andAverage (both are easy to find at youtube), but these are pretty cool too!

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tehe. the subway guy in baron mind's entry was reading angel: after the fall.
Holy crap, they mentioned mine! I'm kind of completely floored. I'm also completely Scarlett O'Harridan.
And I'm Jewish, and got a good guffaw out of Tur-Mohel. I've been to my share of bris's and every single time some big guy fellow keels over.

But LB- congrats! I got such a laugh out of each one of these, yours included. :-)
Good job, Lady Brick, that was fun. In an evil, stabbing sort of way.
Not mentioned, humbugs all around.
I need something though. This wait is killing me.

Will anyone with time tell me what they think about mine?
Also: io9 and HijiNKS Ensue.

Interesting that they went almost entirely with Vimeo entries and only one YouTube entry. Me, I still haven't started in on the marathon. I'm thinking if just putting my unofficial playlists on auto-play in the background and just sitting down at the computer if one seems interesting.

Also, not sure where they're getting "over 600" unless they're counting whatever they can find online, without knowing if it was ever actually submitted. My sense of the count is more than 500 but not quite 600, but I haven't gone back to do a recount.

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Neither was mine :(

I can't believe how good some of the competition was when the deadline approached. I remember seeing the initial videos and not really being impressed. Now I don't know how they are going to choose.

Anyways, I'm surprised that Cease & D-Syst wasn't on the list. I couldn't stop laughing at their originality for breaking rule #3. And the horse noise. Best old white dude rap ever!
Klavo, your video is great!

I wish I had the guts to actually do one, but alas, I don't have the time nor the... guts lmao.
Wow. They're going to need another strike to watch all these. Or a marathon weekend ELE conference.
Oh my God, Tur-Mohel is hilarious, and surprisingly professional for an ELoE application. And most extras featured in a video too? I wonder how he managed to talk them all into it. :)

Edit: Just watched The Cog too, and I absolutely love the aesthetic. But

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I've only watched Tur-Mohel so far, but if most people's applications are half as good as that one, it's going to be a tough contest. I almost peed when he introduced his 'minion.'
So sad they didn't mention mine, but it was a good selection nonetheless. See? I can be gracious.
Trying to do a recount, and realizing once again how much a web form instead of a mailto would have been a very useful idea.
Wow, Tur-Mohel outstrips the competition by a long shot. But I'm still partial to Vampire 180.

And this part is shameless...
Is that a puppet Dr. Horrible in the background of Timelapse's application?

ETA that I should watch the whole damned thing before opening my keyboard.

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Lady Brick - yours is ace. I hope it makes it to DVD.
Truly disturbing performance, Lady Brick, in the best worst sense :D

ETA gleemoticon.

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Yours is fantastic, Lady Brick! "All well and good... bad," - love it!!
Neither of ours are mentioned, but I didn't expect it. I just wanted to play. I'm glad someone else finally mentions Tur-Mohel. I've been telling people about him since it debuted. We also liked The Embezzler.
Great song. I want a pool of money.

I don't envy the ELoE...there are a lot of great applications.
Yeah I definitely don't expect mine to make the top 10, I just did it for fun. Tur-Mohel is great.
Yeah I definitely don't expect mine to make the top 10, I just did it for fun. Tur-Mohel is great.

I don't expect mine to make the cut either. But yours is one of my favorites.
Shishkarobb, is that your voice? Because it is pretty great! I hope the ELE allows a lot of these onto the DVD!
Tur-Mohel isn't only great, it's Hebraically accurate. ;-)

Honestly, they're all amazing. You guys rock my socks.
Howzabout WHEDONesquers provide a link to their entries (if they dare) in this thread?

I would love to see them, and learn who did what.
Hehe...I think sneak attack is cute (in a very evil way of course)
My cat has applied for the ELoE. I'm sure if he doesn't make it in I'll be in for a lot of cold stares.

But, it was so much fun that I think he's getting his own vidcast.
There's a lot of great entries. It makes me glad I didn't attempt a vid myself, because I wouldn't have matched the best of these entries (also: I didn't have the time or probably the guts ;)).

Also: I love shishkarobb's singing voice and I very much laughed out loud at "Des Moines" in The Operative's vid. And your entry deservedly made that list there, Lady Brick! It really is a lot of fun seeing entries by whedonesquers. I hope there's more.
Modesty prevents me from linking to mine a second time, but given that it only has 41 views, I will link to the first time that I linked to it.

It may not be the best in terms of acting, writing, music, singing, costumes, set, stunts, special effects, voice work, or overall production values, but I'm pretty sure it's among the leaders in terms of lame jokes, silly voices, and stupid sight gags per minute.

Oh, and as threatened, I did end up making a short blooper reel.
I agree. I really liked DIE-ronic. Don't count yourself out yet. It's really catchy, and funny as well. Also the first minute must have been tough to film, utilizing all of your props on time in a single cut.
Why not? We didn't sing though. Not nearly confident enough for that.
The Butler

Die-ronic has a great song. I liked it.

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This one is mine. I have lost all hope of winning.

Maybe I should write a song about me losing my hope. Put it in next year's application...

Also, DIE-ronic and The Sock are my masters now.
Here is mine.

I did the animating, my friend Colin is the one actually entering.
Lady Brick! You're so pretty!

And sick.
Die-ronic is great! Funny and very catchy. (I actually had that song in my head this morning.) I also think the Diabetic Duo are hilarious.

And Lady Brick -- love the troubled childhood. :)
I love the Pint-Sized Pirate!
I just created an Evil League of Evil applicant group on Vimeo. Anyone who has made a submission is welcome to join. Hopefully it can bring together all the entries :)
There's already an album, but I need to double back and find a couple I forgot to add.
Lady Brick! You're so pretty!

And sick.

I was thinking both of those things too :-)
Thanks for all the wonderful comments! It's a bit intimidating watching some of the videos like Tur-Mohel that have such amazing production values. I have... a hamster. But I'm glad that people seem to be enjoying it. I'll definitely be dressing up as Scarlett for the L.A. Dr. Horrible screening on Halloween.
I think that your video is wonderful based just on the picture and the comments on it, since I haven't been able to get sound off either of the damaged systems that I have access to. I'll get it eventually. Meanwhile, I can just congratulate you on your success, Lady Brick.
This is the one I was supposed to help with, but was busy the day of the shoot. Chock-full of my friends, though.


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Oh, that was awesomesauce, Lady Brick. I haven't seen many vids yet, but so far, it's between you and Tur-Mohel.
While Tur-Mohel is good ("great" in fact, "excellent" even, and who doesn't love a good circumcision song?), I tend to like the ones that are less polished looking, the ones with an "amateur" feel to them. The professional looking ones lose that personal touch, at least in my book anyway. No offense intended, because I know everyone worked hard on their entries, it's just the way it seems to me.
Tur-Mohel and DIE-ronic are the only ones I've watched all the way through. They shamed me, so I've decided to hold off on watching more until the top ten are decided.
Mine wasn't mentioned also ( My favorite still is Vampire-180, it's just best fitting the dr.horrible style.
They didn't include my personal favorite: Fury of Solace

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hello whedonesquers! glad you all dig the list i compiled. by NO means is it complete and/or definitive, just a handful of my favorites after a couple hours of viewing applications. i was blown away by the creativity of all the submissions and it was really hard to narrow it down. there are a LOT of great entries and i'm definitely discovering some more of them here in the comments.

@theonetruebix - i got the "over 600" videos number by combining the search results from youtube (about 580) and vimeo (somewhere around 70). so, including duplicates and vids that aren't actual entries, i think the number's somewhere pretty close to 600.
Well, I'll have an actual number once I do the recount of the entries.

Meanwhile, some of the applicants have started to Twitter. It's getting kind of weird.
Tur-Mohel made it into a Jewish Journal blog.

Twitter: furyofsolace and the_orphan.

[ edited by theonetruebix on 2008-10-15 20:17 ]
joshuajcohen, thanks for compiling the list and for the shout-out. I think my search results Sat. night on YouTube were well over 700.

Yeah theonetruebix, a few of the applicants are following me now, but I certainly don't Twitter in character. Now I feel like I need to Tweet a disclaimer or something.

(I am planning to put together a gag reel and write more of Scarlett's song beyond those two verses, but that's not really that weird. Probably.)
It's definitely not over 700. It might be closer to the 600 than my 500-ish, but it's definitely not over 700. It's just taking me awhile to recount the application emails to know.

[ edited by theonetruebix on 2008-10-15 20:56 ]
FWIW, my Vimeo album contains all Vimeo-based applications that were submitted, minus those that are password-protected, private, or are set not to allow being put into albums. It has 81 videos in it, and the total Vimeo number appears to be 85.

Meanwhile, there are 649 YouTube URLs, but some of those are: not applications, jokes in the spirit of rickrolling (but not, surprisingly, actual rickrolling), or dead links.

Even accounting for that, however, I guess I'm probably mistaken when I said it wasn't around 700.

ETA that some applications appear on both Vimeo and YouTube, so there's some overlap in the numbers between the two sites.

[ edited by theonetruebix on 2008-10-15 23:05 ]
Anyone know how to take a page of links and produce a new version where the link titles are grabbed from the actual titles of the pages they link to?
Well, this is mine. We shot it Thursday night the 9th, and earlier that afternoon, I had a intercostal nerve block. I was, for want of a better word, stoned. I'm surprised I didn't slide off the stool while I sang. We recorded the music the Sunday before. Good thing.

Tell me what you think. I'm tough, I can take it.

Wish me monsters!
The accurate count of submitted applications on each site should be 85 on Vimeo and 552 on YouTube.

That does not take into account:

* the handful which were posted on both sites (in other words, some applications appear on both lists)
* the submissions which came in with links to a 3-minute cut AND an extended cut (both URLs are included in the above count)
* joke submissions in the spirit of rickrolling but not actual rickrolling (the joke ones are included in the count because I haven't culled)
* extra URLs from the applicants (because sometimes they tossed in additional links)
* applications which came in during the half day after the deadline (they are included although I don't know if they are included officially)

This also does not take into account applications which the powers that be might deem not to meet the contest rules. I didn't cull for any of that either.

So, you might notice that I have a strange definition of "accurate". Let's say this should be the accurate upper bound of the count.

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If they are holding strictly to the "no more than 3 minutes" rule, you can cut about half of them. ;)

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