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October 15 2008

James Marsters wearing Jayne's hat. In terms of crossover awesomeness, it doesn't get much better than this.

Why oh why is James wearing a shirt of Bayern München???

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Why oh why is James wearing a shirt of Bayern München???

That really is weird....
At least it's not Chelsea or Arsenal...Pretty sweet that he's wearing the hat, though!
His girlfriend is German I think? Or based in Germany.

Anyway, very cool picture!
Yes, but leaving the price tag on your hat is *so* out of style these days. (unless he's going for that whole Minnie Pearl vibe) *grin*

My first glance at the post title made me think it was SoCal James wearing THE Jayne hat that recently auctioned...
That's my friend Magie, who has pictures with James of a great and mighty magnitude. The hat was made by a woman in our Browncoat group.
*snicker* Now I had a picture in my head of James wearing this same hat and standing next to him is Adam wearing a black duster...

Lucky people!
Hee! That's my Jayne hat on James Marsters' head! Magie was a complete doll to give me a copy of this very fine picture! It strains the mind a little to see two fandoms collide like this, but it is indeed so very shiny! :)
Yep, Ma Cobb donated a lot of hats to the Can't Stop The Serenity screening in Toronto. She makes good hats.
Oh my - will this give rise to a new genre of fanfic: Spike/Jayne? Would that be Spayne or Jike? :0
Brilliant! It also gives me an idea for another product - dressup magnetic Buffy, Angel and Firefly figures for the refridgerator. Something akin to the Dress-up David (Micaelangelo's). Imagine the fun we could have.
Cute pic, but I'm totally jealous! I want to meet James Marsters! But alas, I'm stranded in the midwest, all poor and unable to make it to any of the big cons.
Aww, he looks so cute bless him.

*Skips off whistling the theme tune to Noddy*
I'm posting in this thread merely to point out that the m'cookies that's been around here since mid-2004 is now known as m'cookies actual, due to similar username(s) showing up.

Oddly enough, though living in America since forever, I was born in Germany. Hamburg.

As you were. Nice hat.

[ edited by m'cookies actual on 2008-10-15 16:54 ]
WOW look at me, I'm famous (my pic on Whedonesque!!!) this is too cool!

Though I just wanted to point out that the hat was a gift to James Marsters, so it wasn't just for the picture. He now has his very own!

Love it!! He looks so cute (and so do you Magtag)!
Surely you should have changed to theonetruem'cookies? ;)
Heh. That crossed my mind for a wee teeny part of a sec, NotaViking. :)
Darn! I thought i was the only one with this great nick-idea! :-D

Did i miss a "whedonesque's next m'cookies"-casting???
that is the coolest picture ever!!!!!!!!!!!!
Great minds think alike, mmm cookies?? :)

I've never geeked out for anything as much as I did /have for Firefly - why, I even learned how to knit to make my own Jayne Cobb hat. Nice pic, Magie!
Heh. Dude's wearing an orange-and-yellow knitted hat with earflaps and a pom-pom on it, and people here think his SHIRT is weird.
"Oh my - will this give rise to a new genre of fanfic: Spike/Jayne? Would that be Spayne or Jike?" :0
baxter | October 15, 13:50 CET

Hah! Too late Baxter. It's been done! ;)
Well, this is just...neat.
great job on these Jayne caps - wonderful JM pic - thanks for sharing - always great to see Buffyverse folks in their current state -

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