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October 15 2008

James Marsters October '08 Q & A. Items this month run the gamut from board games to shipwrecks to tongue length to books on tape, along with the obligatory acting and musical queries.

I'm personally at a loss as to what his answer to question #2 means... Am I alone in thinking he perhaps meant to say considerate?

Who is John Hart? and no, this is not a bad Ayn Rand question. He is asked his opinion of John Hart.
John Hart is the character James played in the British TV series Torchwood, caring hands and very yummy he is in it too. *g*
And a good wife he was, too!

I can touch my nose with my tongue. Oh well, guess that's one thing I don't have in common with James.
I could touch my nose with my tongue but i'd have to cut one or the other off. Is it a great experience ? I might try it if it's really that good.

Always worth reading his answers, canny fella.
It's fun at parties with the right crowd and my kids enjoy it. Otherwise, I haven't been able to make any money off my talent. And I wouldn't recommend cutting anything off.

And yeah, James is a fun read.
OK, you've convinced me, nose and tongue will remain attached.

Just saw this BTW:

I'm personally at a loss as to what his answer to question #2 means... Am I alone in thinking he perhaps meant to say considerate?

Think he meant "Considered" myself. As in, his personality is of one that thinks about what he does and has done, considers his options, doesn't rush into decisions. Can't find it in any dictionaries but i've heard it used as a character description informally.
Mmmmm John Hart !!

I like the thing about having a "considered" personality because it makes me think. And I like being made to think.
I also take "considered" to mean "thoughtful" or "reflective" .

I wish he would have expounded on why he'd rush out to sea, if faced with being stranded on a deserted island. I wonder if the lack of an audience would be intolerable (for an artist) or whether he just has no fear of the perils of the open sea. I would definitely be one who would wait for some length of time, content with my own company and hopeful of rescue.

And yes, John Hart....never thought I'd see a character with as layered as Spike...but this one has a lot of potential. Hope they bring him back in a later season.
He doesn't say 'rush' in fairness, he just says 'set'. Not rushing would, in fact, be more consistent with a 'considered' personality.

And the question implied (for me) that the choice was live out your life alone on a desert island OR take the chance of making your way back to "civilisation" by setting out to sea. For whatever reason JM chooses the less passive, more dangerous course. I think a lot of people might to be honest (though not necessarily straight-away).
I also though he said considered. Makes sense for the same reasons outlined by Saje and Berry. We have a word in Norwegian- "reflektert"- which means about the same. It's a nice compliment if said about someone else. Good on James.

ETA: Edited because my fingers are not communicating with my brain.

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