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October 16 2008

Some Dollhouse production news. Amongst other things, we get new details regarding the title sequence.

I will be singing! Eh eh eh! You bet I will! Just hope it's as good as Firefy opening theme.
I hope we get a sneak peek at the title sequence before the show airs.
"Just hope it's as good as Firefy opening theme. "

yeah, I am usually alot more fond of instrumental themes. But Firefly did break the mold.
The description sounds more like a prologue/introductory sequence than a main title sequence. Unless the two've been combined.
How does one have 2 "unscheduled" screenings at 9am and 2:30pm? Sound pretty scheduled to me...
I'm still deeply affected by the Buffy and Angel themes.

Though I wonder if Dollhouse will have some sort of a pre-Teaser sequence, like we had in Firefly (first with Ron's narration, later with Nathan - which sadly are not featured in the DVD set) or with early seasons of Buffy (first with trailer voice guy in 1st season, and later with Tony during Season 2). Or for non-Whedon show, like the sequence in BSG, about Cylons having a plan (now changed to the one remaining Cylon yet to be revealed one).

Edit: Or what Invisible Green just said, because I didn't read the post before commenting.
"Currently... filming episode 5 in West Hollywood."

Get out!

*goes to look out window.*

*runs back."

Nu-uh!?! I don't see it. What? Where? Why? Who? When? Where (again)?

WeHo's just not that big... Mebbe we'll see 'em on our way to work in a few.
QG, be sure to yell, "You are not the one true Bicks!"
Well, on our way through WeHo we were on parts of Santa Monica Blvd, and then on Sunset, but not a sausage. One reason you might use WeHo is to shoot in or around a a club, but they are all over, and unless you went on an actual Dollhouse safari, it could be hard to find them down our maze of side streets.

So nothing did get hollered out the winder, b!X, which is sad, because I so looked forward to ruining their shot... not. ;>

I do look forward to seeing if the WeHo location makes it into the final cut. I love playing "Spot the L.A. Location" because I am a Big Dork.
This morning they also were not on portions of Gardner, Fountain, or La Cienega. :)
I hope we get a sneak peek at the title sequence before the show airs.

I hope we get a sneak peek at the show before the show airs. :)

I'm so tempted to drive around West Hollywood looking for a TV crew.
; > @TamaraC - We could start a website

I just checked, and they also do not appear to be shooting in my downtown L.A. office, which seems a shame, 'cause it's so pretty and I brought muffins.
That's an office? It's nicer than my living room.
Wow. Nice office.

All this running around makes me jealous. Makes me wish I hadn't misplaced myself. We expats miss out on all the fun. *sigh*
Wow, QC, can I be you? ;). Or, alternatively, just work in that office? Whichever you prefer.
Are you sure they're not shooting there, QG? The light seems very bright and TV set-ish.
Cabbie, there is an enormous bounce card hanging outside my window on a crane, but I thought the building owners were just sprucing up the place.

That would also explain the buffet table and trailers lining our hallway, yeah?

Re: my office - I do love it - it's the best office I've ever had, for sure. it's some of me late Mum's household furniture, and I figgered if we put it in my office, I'd actually spend more time getting to see it than if we crammed it in our over-filled apartment. Plus, Victorian stuff is pretty, but their couches don't tend to be of the sturdiest nor the comfiest - oh, and my two cats would make quick work of all this upholstery if I let them near it.
Grrr - the site hiccuped and my post got twinned.

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What was that about repetition?
I so wish I'd thought of the Copycat as my ELoE character - that was sheer inspired evil. Repetition as torture...

(I mean, as long as I'm going to totally meander off topic...)
Eh, I'd have liked to see the Dollhouse shoot from afar, if I'd had the opportunity. It's the opposite of the usual, where something that I care nothing about seeing is working in the parking lot next door and pumping fumes from their generators in through my window. I had to go to work in Orange County and now I'm going out of town for three days. If you can catch anything from the Dollhouse shoots, QG, why not try it? Or anybody else, not being intrusive.

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