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October 16 2008

A familar face to the fans. Turns out that the final portrait in Jason Palmer's Serenity Portrait Series features someone who is pretty darn cool.

Although he looks kind of drunk.
I was going to say he looks a bit swashbucklish. If that is even a word?
The portrait looks kind of weird to me.
Just wow. $475. Prints are so overpriced these days.

I've gotten some from art fairs for $30. $15. That might be because the artist is desperate, but. Just wow.

Of course there's always the ones at the fairs that are $80 for a small print, but I've never wanted to buy them.
Good grief, they are frakkin expensive! I want them, but they are way too spendy for me!
And I agree, Joss's looks a lil weird.
It could be that the trademark holders of Serenity are charging a hefty licensing fee. Or maybe they don't expect to sell many of Joss version (as opposed to say, someone like River).

Personally, I'm holding out for a Jo Chen work with Joss in it. Have any of you seen the Stan Lee piece where he's drawn in with all the major Marvel character? For a Versey version, I'd love to see Buffy and the Scoobies in a heated battle against a powerful big bad Joss. Lightning bolts coming out of his finger tips...or better yet, he's doing battle using a giant pencil! That would be awesome! (Jo if you're reading this, I'll take two!)
I bought one of his other Serenity prints, and it's really nice. Individually, they're not badly priced -- I think it's just this super collector's edition thing that costs that much.
I know that Palmer works hard on his portraits but if I saw this new one on its own, I wouldn't have a clue who it was. I think he might have gotten the eyes right but that's all.
I swear that image looks familiar. Isn't that based on a photo of Joss taken at the Serenity premiere party?
Only the left side of the face is Joss. The right side is . . . I give up. No?
I swear that image looks familiar.

They should look familiar, because they're based (all of them or just most of them I don't know) on promotional photos, not entirely original creations. (Which is not meant as a slam; I couldn't make anything look like these even if someone gave me a really, really elaborate paint by numbers set and four assistants.)

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When I spoke to Jason at Dragon*Con, I think he said he was having trouble with the Joss portrait, just as he was with Adam's. The book with all the portraits, and other sketches, really is beautiful, and for a collector's item, I'd say it's worth the price. His prints individually were some of the more reasonably priced at the con.
I bought a reprint of the whole cast he did and I adore it. Worth every penny.

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