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October 16 2008

The 50 WTF moments in comics. Joss writing Astonishing X-Men takes twelfth place. That scene from the fourth issue scrapes in at no. 49.

I like that one better. Dunno how I managed to miss it. Cheers.
You just didn't waste as much time going though the entire list as I did :)
Well, this was a fun list. There were a couple of things that immediately popped into my mind while reading the premise, which were Wolverine losing his adamantium, Spidey's first brush with his alien costume (which later turned into Venom), the death of almost all of earth's heroes at the end of the Onslaught cross-over storyline, the god-awfull 'maximum clonage' fiasco in the Spider-Man titles (soo... Peter Parker's a clone?) - which apareantly didn't make the list - and the deaths of Superman and Captain America.

Also: just managed to skirt the Y:The Last Man spoiler in there. I've read the first nine TPB's and am eagerly awaiting the tenth. Phew :).

Man, I miss the time I read almost all those marvel titles. If I'd have the money and the time, I'd probably resume reading them all some day. But for now, I'm happy just buying the occasional trade :).
Kitty Pride as a Buffy-esque character I'll buy, but Emma Frost as the Cordelia? I see the argument, but I can't fully agree without lying.
Kitty isn't Buffy, she's been there earlier. Early Buffy got some Kitty-character-traits, but I never thought of Buffy reading AXM and Kitty, which I did yesterday again...
Kitty isn't Buffy, Buffy, in fact, is Kitty - Joss has said a couple of times that she was heavily inspired by Kitty Pryde (though I guess there'll be an element of Joss' mental image of Kitty being changed by the knowledge that his image of Buffy was partly inspired by her - wibbly wobbly feedbacky wacky loop ;).

Not a bad list, good to see the death of Robin in there, even if subsequent events have taken some of the sheen off that (seem to recall Denny O'Neil saying he was only killed by about 80 votes - personally i'm glad because it provided a powerful moment in the Batman mythos and I prefer Tim Drake anyway). And being a bit of a nutter I always always mentally add '& Bill Finger' whenever I see 'Batman Created by Bob Kane'. Bats would've looked a lot more like Robin does now if not for Finger and I doubt he'd have lasted anywhere near as long without the cowl and the darkness (and The Joker, The Riddler, Two Face and Catwoman, all of whom Finger co-created).

(didn't see it on there but in the same vein as Amazing Spiderman #36, I might include the issue of 'Ex Machina' where you see just exactly why Mitchell Hundred won the Mayorship of New York by a landslide. Tremendously powerful moment that could've seemed cheap in a lesser writer's hands - BKV, of course, hits it out of the park)

Also: just managed to skirt the Y:The Last Man spoiler in there. I've read the first nine TPB's and am eagerly awaiting the tenth. Phew :).

Do you get it in Dutch GVH ? Cos the trade's been out in English since June (I couldn't even wait that long and got the last arc in singles, despite reading the entire run in trades up to then - I don't think you're gonna be disappointed BTW ;).
Ack... it has Saje? I read the entire thing in English as well (wouldn't dream of reading anything in anything other than the original language.. unless, of course, the original language is not English or Dutch, in which case I'll read a translation ;)), although when I was little I did use to read all the marvel comics that were translated into Dutch.

Anyway, I've asked my comic book shop a couple of times if the last trade was out, and they always just said "no". For some reason I didn't bother doing the simple act of googling, but I'll certainly be paying them a visit soon (or otherwise, just order it online). After that, I can start reading up on 'Ex Machina', of which I've only read the first two trades so far. I do love my regular BKV-dose.
Cyclops losing then gaining his sight are better wo-ah moments than Colossus. I think.
I always felt like I missed out on the impact of Colossus' resurrection a bit because, not being an X-Men reader, I didn't actually know he was dead.
That would make you lose out on the impact of the moment, yes, Saje ;)

To me, though, Colossus' return was a bigger deal, though I'd say the Cyclops arc was more powerful inside Joss' run.
I really could've done with a 'Previously on X-Men ...' but that might've given the game away somewhat ;).
Only in the literal sense.
Leaning more towards the horror/fantasy side of comics than the superhero side, I missed out on most of these. I did remember reading Gwen Stacey's death issue as a kid and being surprised by that. I also remember reading G.I. Joe comics (hey, I grew up in the 80's!) and being shocked when they killed Storm Shadow. I wasn't used to the death and resurrection cycles that a lot of comics seem to go through, so I remember thinking that it was really big deal that they killed off one of the most popular characters. Of course, now I'm so jaded and cynical when it comes to comic characters dying I have a hard time EVER believing it!
Ah, yes, the death of Gwen Stacy. That's not on the list either, is it? That'd also have been a very deserving entry.
And where is the ever popular classic Superman #76? The very first Superman/Batman crossover/team-up!

When Clark Kent and Bruce Wayne both sneak into the same room to change into their alter egos, they learn each others secret identity. Where were you in May of 1952 when that happened?
I had the same W, but a different TF: Whoah, Colossus died . . . sometime . . . in the last three . . . decades . . .
Great to see BKV featured on that list twice.

And I admit I'm biased, but surely Buffy Season 8 #12 belongs on that WTF list, too!
I'm not really sure how most of these are classed as "WTF".

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