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"Miss Rosenberg. How lovely to see you again. Have you done something with your hair?"
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October 16 2008

Hot? YoSaffBridge is making Men Mad, it seems. Christina Hendricks is really making waves...good for Our Mrs. Reynolds.

wow. i really don't remember her boobs being that big. i knew she was curvy but damn.. i'm jealous.
Christina is much, much too hot to have not gotten this recognition at some point. Now we can both enjoy her on screen, and smugly note how we knew about her and her many talents may before anyone else!
"I was a model for years, and even when I was 19 years old and 115 pounds [and 5´8˝], my agency said, 'Your ankles are a little large. If you could lose 10 pounds, that would be really great,'" she says. "I've always had boobs and hips, even when I was 115 pounds. And here I am, much heavier than when I was modeling, and all of a sudden people are giving me positive feedback. Sure, I'd be happier with 10 pounds off—wouldn't every woman? But at the same time, when I looked at myself in those red carpet pictures, I thought, 'Oh my God, I looked beautiful.' I didn't tear myself apart."

Shadow stands up and applauds

BRAVO! Bravo, Christina! We need more actresses like you (And our lovely Amber) who love their bodies and are comfortable with themselves.
I was at the Emmy bleacher section last month, and my camera battery chose that time to expire just as Christina was on the Red Carpet. That's why I will bring spares if I ever get another chance.
Meanwhile, I am very interested about what they'll do with Joan as we reach the season finale, and where she'll be when season three begins (yes, AMC will have another season in '09).

Sh-she was Goth as a teenager? Five-foot eight, 115 pounds, purple hair and black lips?

...Those amazing lips, black?

And she's into period costume, too?

...Is it swimmy in here, or is it just my head? Wow, where has all the air gone? I think I need to lie dow--&#$/^+++NO CARRIER
Sheesh. Get a grip. :)
I'm afraid to read the article. I might loose air flow too.

I met her once at a sci-fi con, with Morena. I have a picture with the two of them. It was...something else.

Deep breaths, William, deep breaths....
She was once 5'8" and 115 pounds with curves? I was once 5'6" and 115 pounds -- and skinny as a rail, without any curves at all! Life is not fair. ;) I remember once talking to my mother about Jeri Ryan, about how people were insisting she must have had a boob job because she's too skinny to be so big naturally. I'm glad to see Christina didn't take these kinds of remarks to heart. Hmmmm, maybe they should have Jeri guest star on Mad Men as an old rival...
"I'm in love with Marilyn, so that makes me feel incredible. ... She's like fireworks times a million. So to anyone who has ever compared me to her, thank you, thank you, thank you."

So many women have deluded themselves (Madonna, Anna Nicole, LiLo, etc.) into the blasphemy of thinking they could ever be "the next Marilyn Monroe" but I'd dare say Christina is the only one I've ever seen who's worthy of the comparison.

Is it bad that I can visualize a successful Joss/Christina remake of Niagara?
She is one of the most blazingly beautiful women I've ever seen.

And talented.

Did I mention beautiful?

/good bible.
So glad to see her getting her due! (Even if there is nary a single mention of Firefly in the article) And a fist of death to whoever told her that at 5'8" and 115 pounds, her ANKLES were fat. Good grief.
On related news, there is an short sort of interview with her on TV Guide, also about Mad Men, it could be added to the entry.

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