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October 16 2008

New Serenity Ship t-shirt and Blue Sun glassware. The Blue Sun frosted shooter is really shiny. Good choice making it blue.

I just dropped and broke my Firefly shot glass a couple of days ago. I like clear better than frosted, but I loves me a Blue Sun logo. Considering.
Anyone know how those patches are Serenity related?
Oh yeah, these are the idiots who don't know how to code a webpage.

And those patches look like they're "borrowed" from the Apollo/Soyuz patches. Well, hey, everybody knows China is exactly like the USSR, right?
8.00 is very cheap though (i'm assuming that's "buttons" or is there now a New World Currency that i'm unaware of ?).

Some of that stuff's not bad, most of the t-shirts I could take or leave but the mugs/glasses etc. are pretty cool.
Those patches look like they're recycled from 2010.
Wash had those patches on his coveralls in the BDM, and yes, they are Russian. I'm curious about the new shirt. Is that an Alliance emblem half-hidden behind the word "Serenity"? And $25??? Ouch.

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