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"You don't wanna hurt the Fett, 'cause man, you're *not* comin' back from that!"
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October 16 2008 interviews Seth Green on his "Sex Drive". Other topics of discussion include his gestating directorial debut and -- wait for it -- Joss Whedon, Ron Moore and Seth MacFarlane all guest-voicing the season opener of "Robot Chicken"!

"I did so much research into the Amish... I watched Witness"

He is so funny.

I hope that was meant to be funny.
It's not my usual kind of movie, but I saw it at San Diego and it was pretty darn funny.
I have a feeling I am going to go see this, laugh my head off, feel like a boob for doing so and never tell anyone I saw it. Um...oops. ;-)
I had no plans to see this, but after this interview I definitely will. Seth is awesome.
I've kind of given up Heroes, but I'll have to watch his episode. I had given up "My name is Earl" but watched his episode of that, but then watched Earl last night and remembered why I gave it up. Ugh.

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