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October 17 2008

"Fox picks up 'Terminator' for Full Season". More Summer Glau for All!

hell yes for terminator.
and maybe dollhouse will be on a different night?
or maybe it will take the place of fringe. :D
or maybe it will take the place of fringe.

I don't mind that T:SCC has been picked up, even though it's been disappointing, but I'd rather it doesn't result in anything taking the place of Fringe, which so far this season has been the more entertaining program.
Another 'Dollhouse has creative troubles' angle slotted into a story- I deduce that it must be a day ending in -y!
I don't think it will take the place of Fringe. Unless you all mean just it's timeslot? I thought Fringe had already been picked up for a full season.
Either way, I'm happy. Now that John Connor has gotten interesting, I want to see more.

ETA: Another 'Dollhouse has creative troubles' angle slotted into a story- I deduce that it must be a day ending in -y!

Yeah, but unlike a lot of other articles I've seen it isn't blowing the issue out of proportion and it's just in speculation about what FOX might have been considering when they ordered more T:SCC.

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Variety is reporting the same.
I'm glad to hear this, I've enjoyed the last few episodes and I'm hoping they are going somewhere with Cameron.... And why didn't anyone post that tonight's NUMB3RS would have both Morena Baccarin and D. B. Woodside on?!?!
Yay! Very much yay!
TV By the Numbers suggests some different reasons for FOX's decision.

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@embers: Actually, the NUMB3RS thing was posted about a week ago. Just sayin', you know; I wouldn't want to think Whedonesque was falling down on the job.
xerox, TV by the Numbers is just linking to the same source we are here. It's not like that's some sort of independent confirmation.

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Yeah, xerox linked that one already. ;)
They could pair it with Bones, that would be a much better set than Bones and crappy sitcoms. (Which I have not actually seen so I'm just guessing from all the crappy reviews. ;D)

Hey, Simon, it must be awfully early out there, I'm pretty sure that's the exact same link xerox posted. ;)

ETA: YEAH! Let's all pile on Simon!

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theonetruebix, I know that... but TV by the Numbers mentioned some other reasons for SCC getting a full season, like how it would work as a promotion for Terminator: Salvation coming out in May...
If it had just been a reiteration, I wouldn't have posted it. Just like how I didn't post a link to the AICN article that linked to the original article.
Hey, Simon, it must be awfully early out there,

It's not even 7am here *blinks*. Also I just realised that as an admin of this site that it might be a good idea if I read other people's comments.
Click here for some inspiring music to go along with this wonderful news.
Good news indeed.

I think TSCC is finding its stride. They've had some great episodes this season. I think they do themselves a disservice pitting it against Chuck. You're not the only one wondering why they pair the sitcom with Bones. Seems odd.
I'm so very happy to have been wrong. This is great news.
I agree the show is finding its stride. I'll keep on supporting the show via watching and I'm glad Fox has seen the light... the glinty blue light of Cameron's lovely robot eyes.
I'm generally an autumn/winter type of guy, but I'm glad we'll get a full year of Summer.
Yay I totally called this one ! OK, admittedly I called it the other way, what people of a certain narrow viewpoint may even call the "wrong" way but that just feels like quibbling over details to me.

(i.e. I, too, am really happy to be wrong about this, not only cos I like the show but also because this is real, positive evidence of the new mindset at nuFox. Bodes well)

Incidentally, did anyone in the UK catch the "Behind the Scenes" show on Virgin1 last night ? Saw a bit of it and it looked alright, despite Sarah Cawood doing the hosting (didn't watch it all cos of Wossy on the other side and cos it seemed mildly spoilerish).
Fringe, which so far this season has been the more entertaining program.

If by that you mean "easier to laugh at" or "more eye-rolling" then yeah...
Actually "man, T:SCC is god awful tripe this season" is what I mean by that.
Whoo hoo! This news just made this week end in a smile. Could it be that the FOX network has finally seen the light? To withhold judgement past three episodes to see if a base starts to build? Could it be? {crickets chirping)

Still, an excellent sign for our "Dollhouse" premiere this January. Did I whoohoo already? Make it a repeat:)
Could it be that the FOX network has finally seen the light? To withhold judgement past three episodes to see if a base starts to build?

Sure, if you ignore the nine episodes that came before this season.
Actually "man, T:SCC is god awful tripe this season" is what I mean by that.

Well then you put it really badly in that case.
If by "put it badly" you mean "put it more diplomatically than you normally would, until someone called Fringe poo", then sure. ;)
Oh, there were nine other episodes? Imagine that. {Slides glass half-full towards 'bix.)
No one seems to be pointing out that the DVR number and internet downloads where a factor in the shows pickup and of course the fact that a new Terminator movie is coming out next year. It seems a little short sited for them to just look at the ratings numbers and then shrug their shoulders.

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If by "put it badly" you mean "put it more diplomatically than you normally would, until someone called Fringe poo", then sure. ;)

Seriously though, 'tripe' seems pretty harsh, have you seriously thought all the episodes were that bad or were you just over-reacting/being provocative (personally I thought 3, especially 4 and also 5 were pretty decent) ?

ETR some wrongness ;).

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What does it mean for Dollhouse now ? Will T:SCC retain the Monday slot ? If so Dollhouse must move.
I don't know what this means for Dollhouse. Dollhouse was due to take T:SCC's timeslot, and Terminator actually had no timeslot in January (everybody was guessing Friday night as a potential, but that's a ratings killing - which the show won't survive).

I've gotta be honest - I'd be told it wasn't going to get picked up a few weeks ago, as the numbers were dire. I'm guessing the fact Warners is the studio has actually played in the shows favour here, as they have a movie film coming out shortly so it makes sense for them to throw a little more money at this.

Whatever the case, I'm told the next batch of episodes are actually good, and it's always nice to see Summer.
I agree, gossi.

Please correct me if I'm wrong, but wasn't "Dollhouse" a lead-up to "24"? Gosh, I'm so confuse. Straighten me out someone.
Yet another potential factor is that "Dollhouse" has had some creative struggles. Sources say the newer scripts are stronger than the first batch, but if there's any chance of the show being delayed Fox might have decided to keep "Terminator" in the mix.

That's just being mean!
No one ever said being a Joss fan is easy.
Being a Joss fan is easy.

What do I win ?
If by "put it badly" you mean "put it more diplomatically than you normally would, until someone called Fringe poo", then sure. ;)

If by poo you mean "a wretchedly stupid premise, dull acting and stupid final act resolutions", yeah - that's exactly what I meant.

Whereas I sympathise with the characters on SCC, some sequences have been stunningly shot - and episodes 2x4 and 2x5 were excellent character/world builders.
You know, we all see things differently. I think T:SCC is mostly bloody shite (some episodes excluded), whereas I love Fringe.
Being a Joss fan is easy breezy. Being a member of this room is the tricky part.

Saje, you won in spades. Now, what you won may be in question. Regardless, you ask good questions. Tends to keep the peoples on their toes.
I am clueless … … about American television networks. Why is it so important for ‘Dollhouse’ to occupy the timeslot currently given over to ‘TSCC’? Is it not possible for it to successfully take a different timeslot, different day of the week, whatever, or is everything already allocated – in a kind of cast-in-stone way?
alien lanes, FOX have a very full schedule and they only broadcast for two hours a night, so there's only so many places it can go. Dollhouse will definitely go somewhere. Where will have an impact on the performance of the show. Friday night, for example, almost always kills a show.

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Unless it got pushed back to next autumn.
Dollhouse? It wouldn't happen, it's a reasonably expensive show so they wouldn't film a full season without airing any of it, and the cast will sit under contract for a certain duration so they couldn't not make it for half the year.

I am wondering if they will do a Drive style 3 hour, 2 night premier. It would get the first two episodes out the way, then launch the 3rd in the normal timeslot.
You guys bite your tongue with that talk. Won't happened. Remember, glass half-full.

Back to topic, isn't Summer lovely?
Wednesday seems fairly quiet, why not move one or the other to there (Monday night seems to be a kill or be killed situation on US TV right now) ?

You know, we all see things differently. I think T:SCC is mostly bloody shite (some episodes excluded), whereas I love Fringe.

Agreed (that we all see it differently), in fact I feel pretty much exactly that except the other way around. But the whole T:TSCC versus 'Fringe' thing just seems ridiculous to me, as if if you're a fan of one you somehow have to dislike the other or whatever.

T:TSCC gained a fair bit of credit throughout the first season for me, credit that, i'll admit, it's spending in varying amounts at the moment. At the same time, 'Fringe' didn't have any to start with (being a new show) and still spent it so right now it's in the hole as far as i'm concerned, even though i'd say, daft nasal "mind-reader" aside, episode 4 was good TV and episode 5 was at least OK (3 was 'meh', 2 was absolutely dire IMO and the pilot was better than alright but worse than good - which, by and large, is exactly how you'd want a show to progress i.e. bad to better).

I'm starting to think lazily written deus ex-ish "fringe" technology fixes are just going to be one of the things you either put up with or don't where 'Fringe' is concerned (I personally haven't decided yet) so it's getting to the point where I (mentally at least ;) get up and make a cup of tea whenever those bits start.
Well I'm thrilled, I liked T:TSCC from the beginning and my like pretty rapidly turned to "really love this show". I find Fringe to be reasonably entertaining (in spite of the OTT acting by (?) the actor who plays the mad scientist guy (Walter?), whom I find intensely irritating. But I wouldn't shed a tear over it's demise.

I don't get the Fox schedule. All the other networks have three hours of prime time, Fox only has two? I actually hadn't realized that until gossi pointed it out.
Just curious, does anyone know why they don't expand their prime time schedule to match the other networks?
Thanks, gossi. Just two hours a night? I never knew that. Is that why FOX has (in the past) had a tendency to be very trigger-happy when it comes to cancelling shows? Is there a reason for the restricted transmission?
I'm glad to hear this. I've been enjoying Terminator this season even if it's not one of my favorite shows ever. (Chuck and Pushing Daisies are the two shows whose cancellation would make me cry. Maybe not literally, but I would pout).

I'm sure there will be a wonderful timeslot for Dollhouse. I don't care if Fringe stays or goes, as I haven't been able to motivate myself to watch past the second episode. I usually watch a show while I'm eating, and I won't watch ick-fest Fringe while I'm eating. Nor do I watch Supernatural while eating, but this past episode would have been fine. It was a Ben Edlund episode, so of course it was hilarious.

Now I think I'm just rambling to put off work. So, yay! more Summer!
FOX began as a “netlet” who gradually expanded their schedule, and I presume they never expanded beyond two hours a night of programming because it was simply more cost efficient. And these days, considering the huge overall lose in ratings network TV as a whole have taken in the past several years, I think the chances are nil of them deciding to spend the money on seven additional hours of TV a week. That is way too risky a proposition for them.
Saje, Wednesday night is a good suggestion for one of the shows. Do Not Disturb has already been cancelled and most people figure that Til Death will also be cancelled. That leaves the entire 9pm ET hour open. Plus, I think it would be nice to pair Bones and Fringe (medical-investigation-slightly sci-fi or just weird situation shows) and American Idol and Terminator (shows geared towards teenagers). That leaves Dollhouse and 24 together on Mondays. Just my opinion.
Loving both Fringe and TSCC - If they were on the same night, I would terminate all communication with the world outside just to watch and enjoy. Kudos to Fox for the pickup !
Good suggestion, too, AncientMagicks. I know that David Boreanaz wasn't happy about moving Bones to Wednesday from its Tuesday slot that is currently occupied by Fringe. Maybe Bones could move back to Tuesdays and Fringe and TSCC could take over Wednesdays.
Late to the party, but can I get a 'Hell yeah!', cause... Hell yeah! That's just made my day.
So happy for this. I really like TTSCC, and it's defintiely picked up in quality these latest episodes. And more Summer! Who can seriously not like that. (And as for Fringe, I watch it, it's is kinda entertaining, but not on par with TTSCC imho :) )
It also gives me hope for this "new" FOX. Yay!
It's never too late for a "Hell yeah!", Caroline. I bet the cast said something similar when they heard the news.
Well, this counts as good news. I never felt T:SCC was stellar television, but it's been mostly adequate and Summer is always a joy to watch, so I don't mind getting more.

And to add my two cents to the 'Fringe' debate: the show is slowly getting to the point where I can't take any more of these mind-numbingly silly deus ex-machina resolutions. They are very random and because of that, they feel like a cheat every single time. Which is really a shame, because it's a fairly decent - albeit clichéd - show, with solid acting otherwise. So it's a shame that the only 'spin' they're giving the old procedural/conspiracy clichés here, is "stupid pseudo science that makes no sense".

So I'd say the only thing these two shows have in common, is that they're both not stellar. I'd give T:SCC the edge in terms of story and Fringe the edge in production values and - apart from Summer - acting. But I've seen much better television elsewhere.
Don't you think Dollhouse would be great at Wednesday, after Bones?
I think T:SCC is mostly bloody shite (some episodes excluded)

I'm basically the same way. I think the show is awful just as much as it is good -- maybe moreso -- but the occasional gem keeps me coming back. It's just a shame the show is wasting a cast I really like. Cameron, John, and Derek are interesting characters. Let's do something with them, people.
Isn't American Idol returning in 2009? That'll occupy at least two spots a week. And what about Ronald D. Moore's Virtuality?

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Yay for Terminator! One of the best on tv right now.

My guess is that TSCC will take a break after it's 13th episode. Dollhouse will take it's timeslot for (hopefully) all 13 episodes and then TSCC will come back to finish in April/May or just move TSCC to a different night.

I really don't see how FOX could change Dollhouse's schedule. I remember them saying Dollhouse is being given "priority treatment" and there's already a lot of buzz about Dollhouse/24 nights. If FOX decides to change it then.... rude!
I am wondering if they will do a Drive style 3 hour, 2 night premier. It would get the first two episodes out the way, then launch the 3rd in the normal timeslot.

Or just make it a web exclusive series. That would be a bold step.
Like the one you take off a cliff ?
A Drive-by premiere? The kiss of death - works for the first night but then people just get confused. "Hey, Martha, wasn't that new doll show on Sunday night? It must be canceled already!" Gets great ratings the first night and takes weeks to recover. I hope not.

Just curious, does anyone know why they don't expand their prime time schedule to match the other networks?

Their local stations get an hour's jump on local news and there would be a mutiny if Fox tried to expand 11-ward.
Fox's 2009 schedule (my predictions):

Monday: Dollhouse and 24
Tuesday: American Idol and Fringe
Wednesday: House, American Idol Results Show and 'Til Death
Thursday: Bones and Terminator - The Sarah Connor Chronicles
Friday: Prison Break and Hell's Kitchen

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Unless they pair Prison Break with Bones. O.O That would mean Friday night for Terminator.

Edited to remove one too many kisses of death.

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I will be crazy upset if I have to wait another year for Dollhouse. Fringe should be moved or canceled, it really doesn't matter to me. The show is boring. I don't give a damn about any of the characters, the stories, any of it. The only thing Fringe has accomplished was interesting me enough to watch past the first episode (which, I honestly didn't think it would), and making me dislike Joshua Jackson a little less. Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles on the other hand is a show that I must see. I will watch Fringe on DVR if I am damn bored, but I have to see TSCC. I care about the characters. Admittedly, the stories haven't been as interesting as we know that they can be. They are getting better and from what we've read, they will be introducing a story arc soon. This show has great potential, great actors, and I am so grateful that it wasn't canceled before it reached its peak.
AI will take up to three full hours a week in 2009. It will take the whole night on Tuesdays and a full hour on Wednesdays for most of the spring. The likeliest spot for Terminator is Friday nights at 9 following Bones. Or Thursday nights at 9 and no one wants that.

Wednesday nights really isn't an option and Thursdays would be absolutely brutal to both shows. I'm ok with Friday.
Glad it's sticking around. It's one my new favorites. I hope they pair it up with Dollhouse. I hope it doesn't land on Thursday. That's a tough night. Personally, I watch Supernatural on Thursdays. It's rocking pretty hard this season.
This makes me so very happy. I love Terminator and I'm so glad that Fox is giving it the chance it so richly deserves. I can't speak on any of the other Fox shows, because aside from Terminator and the occasional Family Guy, I don't watch Fox.
OMG yesssssss!

Glaubot and Mansonbot goodness for 22 episodes.

Whoa. :O This is completely unexpected and awesome. Major kudos to FOX, as cancelling the show wouldn't have even been that unreasonable. It really is new people. :) (PLEASE DON'T FIRE KEVIN REILEY!)

Oh and I just love how this thread became "Fringe vs. TSCC." ><

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Here is a link to how Fox currently has their Spring 2009 schedule.

American Idol will be 2 hours, probably both nights, when it first airs so both Fringe and House will have a short hiatus but then will be back when indicated on the schedule. I think the only deviation from this schedule will be that 'Til Death will either be in that that 1/2 slot after AI results show or will fall off the schedule (since Do Not Disturb is officially dead). TamaraC is right, pretty much the only place they can put it is Friday with Bones.

My guess is that TSCC will take a break after it's 13th episode. Dollhouse will take it's timeslot for (hopefully) all 13 episodes and then TSCC will come back to finish in April/May or just move TSCC to a different night.

hitnrun017, I think it may not happen this way for a couple of reasons. Since TSCC is a still a bubble show (despite the order for a full season), even though Friday is a show-killer they may consider it riskier to have the show off the air for months rather than on Friday. Especially with Bones on that night and the proliferation of Tivos and dvrs.

Plus, if Dollhouse manages to get a better audience than TSCC, especially on very crowded Monday, there is a shot of us getting more episodes than 13. That would happily keep that time slot tied up. :-)
"Hell yeah!"

Things are looking good in television land. After all, Joss' coming back!
There's a fairly intelligent comment about how FOX may be handling the scheduling issues come January over at TWoP from "solvej". Specifically:

I doubt Fox will move Dollhouse away from Mondays, they'll still want to give it the best possible chance of success by pairing it with 24. The Fox midseason schedule is always overcrowed because of the return of 24 and two nights of American Idol. This year is no different. Fox has managed that problem in the past by having some of its fall shows take a hiatus until later in the spring. For example, Prison Break went on haitus in December while a new show used its timeslot, and then returned later in the spring (March) to air its remaining 9 episodes. Unless Fox plans on using the low-rated PB and Terminator as filler for Friday nights, I suspect they will use the same strategy as in the past. The new shows like Dollhouse, which usually only have 13 episodes which isn't enough to last from Jan-May, will premiere early. Then when their 13 episode run is over the old shows like PB and Terminator will return, or they'll return earlier if any of the new shows are cancelled quickly.

There's too much media attention surrounding Dollhouse for Fox to try to bury it, even if they are worried about its direction, which I'm not convinced they are. Plus, haven't they already sold it to advertisers as part of that fewer-commercials experiment (along with Fringe)? Fox will want Dollhouse to do as well as possible to make those advertisers happy and for the experiment to be a success, especially since it seems to already be working for Fringe.

That TVSquad article has misread the Hollywood Reporter blog entry.

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Bet it gets quoted for truth elsewhere.
It would be nice, when sites say things like "there are reportedly other good reasons for the network making this move", if they'd bother to explain what they mean by "reportedly", since as far as I know there's been no such reporting anywhere.

Are they merely speculating? Referring to other people's speculations? Hearing said information from a source? If the last, how is the source positioned?

They don't say.

Anyone and their brother can say "reportedly other reasons" for something. Sites that present themselves as actual sources of industry news need to hold themselves to the standard of making themselves clear.

[ edited by theonetruebix on 2008-10-18 22:56 ]
This is making my head hurt badly. How could Dollhouse NOT be ready for midseason? It doesn't air for about four months, the Pilot is done and they must be filming somewhere around episodes 5-7. That should be plenty of time.

[ edited by hitnrun017 on 2008-10-18 23:03 ]
I thought we all learned from the Priyanka Chopra will be Wonder Woman mess that "reportedly" clearly means "someone on the Internet wrote it in the comments of my blog."

Maybe Fox is hedging its bets on future shows. Doesn't make it Dollhouse. Doesn't make it not Dollhouse either. Doesn't really matter.

Yay! More TSCC!
there are reportedly other good reasons for the network making this move

I think it's just that someone read the comments here when the Whedon Panic Status was Orange shading towards Red -- we had some really good reasons. ;)
Yeah, I don't get those "reportedly" statements either. If it means "articles on the internet state", why not write that? Or write "internet rumor has it" etcetera. When I'm writing an article I'll get reprimanded by my editor if I don't clarify where I'm getting my information from and usually the internet is out of bounds as a source, unless confirmed seperately (and in that case, one can use that confirmation as quoted source). Other published, printed media do count, by the way, but they're always named as a source, using the name of the publication.

So in the end, I really don't get how these quotes bounce around articles on the net and how rumors build (even often from things said here on the black). Are showbusiness editors less fussy about sources? Are the rules more fuzzy for internet publications? Or are these mostly "amateur publications" (meaning: not writing from within an established journalistic structure)? Whatever the reason: I wish they'd be clearer as well.
I think the onus is on the reader to know that "reportedly" means there is no real source and they are just repeating rumor and/or speculation. I don't know anyone who actually assumes integrity and credibility in these things.

Even if the rumor/speculation is very well informed the wind changes directions faster than you can even begin to imagine with these types of decisions. I wouldn't be surprised if it changes again before the end of the year. Or the end of next week.
The thing is, I ran an article on TSCC the other week saying it was cancelled based on sources. Why? Because I was told, in good faith, it was screwed - they were preparing to pull the plug. Then there was a lot of fan outcry, and somebody changed their minds and decided to support it. It happens. I mean, I don't think it's happened with FOX before, but they do have a head guy (Mr Riley) who has a record of supporting low rated shows at NBC.
In intel reports, 'reportedly' means they can't reveal their sources for national security reasons. O.O Could the CIA be in the TV biz? (You know they are.)
I wasn't referring to you, gossi. I'm sure you have a good source. I would imagine that you have several good sources and that they may even disagree at times. The winds do alter and isn't it nice to have it blow in our direction for a change?
Yeah, gossi, I remember that story. Don't quite recall what you wrote, but either you were clearer (referring to unnamed sources more clearly, instead of using a vague term like "reportedly") or if you weren't clearer, I instinctively filled in the blanks because we know you have contacts in "the bizz" from your posts here on the black.

And TamaraC, even if we are supposed to know what "reportedly" means for possible sources or lack thereof, it is still sloppy writing as far as I'm concerned. Because there must at least be a source for writing a statement (which could then be named, even if it is as vague as "internet rumor" or "online buzz"). And if there isn't any source, but if it's speculation on the part of the writer, that should also be clear (and the writer shouldn't be using "reportedly" in the first place, I think). At least: that's what I'd say. But all my writing has been in Dutch and not in English and I have no experience in writing for online entertainment news sites, so I might be unjustly projecting my experiences elsewhere on a not completely relatable situation.
GVH, you are 100% correct. I am just all cynical and snarky. :)
Journalists, especially of the online variety, will often use words like "reportedly" to print information that they've overhead or been tipped off about ... but can't officially source.

For the first time since the day it was announced, I will admit to be a little concerned about the state of Dollhouse.
T, sorry, I wasn't meaning to suggest you'd meant anything, I was just trying to put it from the point of view of writing something... As rbt correctly says, you can't always say "This is what seems to be happening and here's exactly who told me" because then you'll get somebody fired. Although in the case of the Dollhouse thing, I really do think it's a case of people reading too much into the opinion THR reporter offered and reporting it as news. FOX haven't even officially confirmed the T:SCC pickup yet, and won't this weekend as it's the weekend.
I guess we'll know soon enough how much faith Fox has in Whedon's Dollhouse.

If they schedule it back-to-back with a ratings winner, then they are behind the show. If they dump it into the Friday death slot, then they want Dollhouse to go away now.
If the network delays the premiere again we'll know they are still unsure what they have with Dollhouse
I'd guess he's referring to the decision to make it midseason show. But I think that was more of an issue of, "Should we do Fringe or Dollhouse in the fall?" And Fringe was ready to go, Dollhouse wasn't.

That said, I can't deny this has made me rather worried for Dollhouse. Not entirely reasonably, I'll grant, but still.
And would people be less worried for Dollhouse if Fox had kicked TSCC to the curb? They picked up a show struggling in the ratings for a full 22 eps!

Dollhouse panic alert: pinkish/purple

Must go roll eyes now. I hope I don't injure myself too much.

Just to feed more conspiracy theories, a SAG strike in the next 6 months is not at all out of the question. Networks may be stockpiling.
This is great news! Almost every sophomore show has been affected by the writer's strike and has suffered (Pushing Daisies.) Not that I mean the strike wasn't importaint just stating the facts. I'm sure Joss will pull off a winner that will leave us stunned for at least seven seasons, and will make Fox a ton of money.

What I want to say is just because TSCC received the back nine, we shouldn't worry about Dollhouse.
Wait. So part of the good news here is that American Idol will continue.

*groan* Will the torture never end?

Well, I'm happy for those of you who like T:SCC. It's still not a favorite in my house and the kids aren't watching it. Too violent.
Let me get this straight. The boys terminators have red eyes while the girls are blue. Yet, they both pack a 40 megawatt cannon. No wonder Sarah's running to the future, I'm a half track ahead of her.
I'm so glad to hear this. TSCC is one of the few tv shows I think about after I've seen it.
A very late, Hell, yeah! I was able to get the story and some of the comments here last night on my phone, but it's limited.

I know how to fight about something like this, but looking ahead, I don't actually have any experience with being an online fan for a going Whedon series. I only got into online fandom when Angel was canceled, and it was too late, though I didn't know that. I tried to help with the Save Angel stuff. And that's what led me to all of this. Honestly, I'm looking for a good role model. Because if the fandom activity for Dollhouse is going to be like this, I may go back to being a silent fan.

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