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October 17 2008

Rapid Repo! Road trip. Anthony Head's "Repo! The Genetic Opera" will be doing a whirlwind road trip starting Nov. 10 and hitting seven US cities.

It comes out on the 7th in select cities, and from what I understand these are additional cities/theaters it'll be shown in.

So if you're in, near or can get to Chicago, Seattle, Portland, Atlanta, Kansas City, Pittsburgh or Orlando in the month of November, you've got a chance to see Tony playing wicked.

In related news, Richard O'Brien's "Rocky Horror Tribute Show" was released on DVD on the 14th, and is available online from various outlets. (Described as "featuring original stars from stage and screen" and that would include our Tony.)

Nothing ever comes to Detroit except hard times. :(

Stupid typo.

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Yahoo!! Comin' to Portland- that's excellent.
ETA- And I just got tickets. Yay!

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And I just got tickets.

Me also.
Tonight, tonight, won't be just any night...

I'll let you know how it is tomorrow.
I think it's coming to Boston for one night only on Nov. 7... looks like a lot of fun and, of course, TONY!!!
No San Francisco???
Vespa- it's playing in San Francisco so I doubt they felt the need to tour it there.

I'll be seeing it at the Lumiere in SF.

Nothing ever comes to Detroit except hard times. :(

I feel you as I used to live there, the solution is really- to move.

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This doesn't appear to be the theatrical release schedule, so is it some sort of live show? I don't really get it. The movie doesn't seem to be coming here to Seattle, but this is.
MindPieces- It's a screening of the film, but from what I've heard Darren Bousman and Terrance Zdunich will be there. The road trip is them trying to get more exposure for the film so maybe it can get a wider release (or at least, good dvd sales?)
So, ok - what's the difference between a screening and an airing?

Do they not show the entire thing? That would be...rude.
ShadowQuest - A screening means that we see it before everyone else does. Seeing it to make sure that it's awesome before it gets a wide release. Like a screening of a movie the night before it opens to make sure that it was built correctly. They will show the entire movie.

Yay for Atlanta, I bought my ticket last night. :D
The description calls it "a live Repo show," which is misleading if it's just a screening of the film.

I'm not exactly sure what it's going to be, but it's in Atlanta, so I am going to be there.
I loved it.

However, the other nine people I knew at the screening did not. Which is funny, cause I was probably the oldest person in the theatre.

People did like elements of it and strongly disliked others and they weren't necessarily the same elements. We all agreed that the performances, especially ASH's, were strong.

I can say that the rush line was huge (and made for many disappointed people for sure.) I had a ticket, wasn't that far back in line compared to as far back as that line-up went, and we still had trouble getting a good seat when we got inside (Festival pass holders went in first). Before the film played they announced that even though it was filmed in Toronto, there was no release date here. After the film played, they announced that as a result of the response here (I'm assuming the length of the rush line) they have a booking at the Scotiabank theatre starting November 21.

There were Buffy fans in the audience - the writer (the guy from Skinny Puppy) said the director (the guy who did three Saw movies, but not the good one) wanted ASH because of Once More With Feeling and a good portion of the audience cheered. The writer didn't know if he could handle rock, until he came in and auditioned with one of the songs and nailed it.

So, reaction ranged from my love, my friend saying that was two hours of her life she'd never get back, and my daughter's friend saying he wanted to kill the DP.

If you're an ASH fan, you certainly should see it.

There is much blood and gore, but rather stylized. The scariest part? Paris Hilton? - not bad.

edit: The Skinny Puppy guy is one of the actors. The writer is actually in the movie too, though. I misunderstood something he said.

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redeem147 Thanks for the report, and for not spoiling it. Which I'm sure was hard. But do tell me one thing - is ASH deliciously evil?

Your line about the DP made me giggle - at the Buffy con in Detroit in '05 ASH was talking about filming "Lessons" on his estate, and the miserable rain and how lovely his house was and...Joss hated the DP, who was very slow, and they had the "dolly grip from hell."

Is the b&g akin to that in Tim Burton's Sleepy Hollow? 'cause...I could handle that.
I saw earlier someone mentioned San Francisco. I've created some flyers to help advertise Repo in San Francisco and Berkeley, where it will be opening on November 7th. You can check them out and print them and share them with friends or enemies, I don't care really as long as they check out the movie.

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