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October 18 2008

Watch D.B. Woodside & Moreana Baccarin guest star in Numb3rs. Just choose the "Numb3rs-Blowback" to start streaming.

The link will not work from outside the US, but you guessed that already didn't you?

Morena was beautiful as always. DB Woodside also did a good job. It's always enjoyable to see Whedonverse actors as guest stars - or starring , as David Krumholtz does.
So in one episode of television we get:

Buffy's Robin Wood
Angel's Dana
Firefly's Inara
Serenity's Mr Universe

Is that a record for worlds colliding?
I missed Dana. Who was she?
Dana (the damaged Slayer from, err, 'Damaged' ;) was played by Navi Rawat who's a series regular on 'Numb3rs' (she plays fellow mathematician and, lately, Charlie's girlfriend, Amita).

I think that might be a record for different Whedonverse actors in one episode but as for worlds colliding, if you count David Boreanaz as both Buffy and Angel then we must've come close on 'Bones' a couple of times (one series regular, DB himself, from Buffy, one regular - TJ Thyne - who appeared on Angel). And Adam Baldwin's guested and he's appeared on Firefly, Serenity and Angel. In general, I suspect 'Bones' has had the most Whedonverse guest stars of any show.
"House" has had lots too.
I'm sure someone with a better memory than me can remember them all.
At least:

Clare Kramer
Michelle Trachtenberg
Marc Blucas
Adam Busch
Felicia Day

but not in the same episode.
The link does work from outside the US if you use a US proxy ;-)

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