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October 18 2008

Amy Acker talks about her new TV movie "Fire And Ice". This'll premiere tonight on the Sci Fi channel at 9 p.m. ET/PT. A trailer for the movie can be found over at the official website.

Thank you for posting this, Simon. We truly can not get enough of Amy. Okay, my heart is a'meltin'.
This was directed by Pitof... the guy that brought us Catwoman. :(
Seeing as it's on SciFi I don't think anyone has any high hopes for it. But good old fashioned cheesy fun may arise from watching it.
Very true. Just nice to know Amy's still out there playing the game.
I'll watch this if you guys will provide MST3K-style commentary. :)
It's a bit of a Whedon party on the Sci Fi Channel today: Nick Brendon's "Fire Serpent" is on right now, and Amber Benson's "Gryphon" airs at 1 PM ET.

And Amy's movie could be decent; or, she could be the only good thing in it. Yeah, many of Sci Fi's movies are pretty poor (but it's still often the channel I'll have on on a Saturday afternoon while I'm on the 'net.) But, they do occasionally put out higher quality fare - though their mini-series are probably the safest bet. As I believe others have mentioned here before, their "Tin Man" was actually quite well done. Though my theory is that most of their original picture budget goes into the mini-series, leaving their movies with lesser effects (and scripts, though I don't know if that can be blamed entirely on money) and often largely unknown actors.

But, at any rate, I'll try to catch this tonight. Good luck, Amy!!
Amber B. was the best thing about "Gryphon," unfortunately. But I'm just bound to feel hopeful when I see "Amy Acker," "John Rhys-Davies" and "dragon" in the same sentence, so I'll give it a look.
Do the Blue!

(The Whedonvets Reunion was prob'ly deliberate.)
Pitof did do Catwoman, but he also did Vidocq, which is fantastic, as well as visual effects for Jeunet (City of Lost Children, Alien 4, etc). I'm not sure he's entirely to blame for how terrible Catwoman was.

That said, I don't expect this to be much more than good fantasy fun (like the second Dungeons and Dragons movie...not great, but not as bad as the first). If it IS terrible, well, that's fun too :-)
I love Amy and her work, but I was very relieved to see from watching the trailer that this is not the film adaptation of George R.R. Martin's A Game of Thrones book series, the whole saga being called, A Song of Ice and Fire, which also features dragons. Amy would actually be quite good as one of the children grown up, if Martin takes it that far.
Well - so far, pretty good! Some of the commercial cuts seem a bit odd, and the fight with the tree people was a bit iffy; but otherwise - the script's pretty fine, the cinematography's been very good, Rhys-Davies is quality - as are all the actors, really - and Amy Acker - is Amy Acker (and just had a "Yeah!" moment a minute ago. Not bad at all!
I had no idea Johnathan Rhys-Davies was in this. I guess I'll have to record it the next time it airs. I'm a bit indifferent on dragons, but Mr. Rhys-Davies and Miss Acker convince me to watch.
I saw the second half of it; it was pretty cheese-tastic. Amy's role seemed to consist largely of asking the male lead what to do, and being rescued.
Anywhere else we can watch this? I unfortunately missed it last night.
As far as SciFi movies go, it was at least watchable. Ok, I did nap a bit, but I at least kept it on for the whole 2 hours. Can't say the same for Gryphon.
And I just did a marathon of "Really Bad 'Horror' Movies," which consists of Gryphon, Sleepy Hollow (Not necessarily "bad" bad, but not really scary), Fire Serpent and Pinata: Survival Island.

On third (Or was it fourth?) viewing, I paid more attention to Amber's facial expressions, and she quite often (And rightly so) seemed pained by her dialogue. But it really wasn't that lousy of a movie. Not like that thing she was in where she got bisected.

I don't have cable, so was unable to view Amy's movie. But from what I read elsewhere, by someone who did watch it, it sounded a bit...umm...predictable?

And...wasn't someone else in the 'verse in something not long ago involving dragon eggs? Or is my memory on the fritz again?
jlp - I'd agree that she didn't have enough to do in the second half (though she wasn't completely helpless, either) - but her character pro-actively drove most of the first half of the film. ShadowQuest - some of it was predictable; some of it not so much (one thing in the last half hour in particular I didn't see coming at all). (I'd say it's nowhere near as predictable as "Gryphon" is, personally.)

Overall, I wouldn't call it a great movie; but, on the Sci Fi Channel movie scale, defintiely one of the better, and certainly most well-done, I've ever seen. And probably the best role John Rhys-Davies has had in the many Sci Fi Channel films he's done.

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