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October 18 2008

Buffy books going wireless. Simon & Schuster has signed a deal to make hundreds of its books, including some of the BtVS ones, available via cellphone.

Aren't books wireless in the first place?
Yeahhh, I was going to say... that's cool and all.. but I'd prefer a kindle.. to reading on my cell phone.
I'm not sure I can think of a worse format to read on other than my mobile phone.
Gosh, so all I need is a compatible type of mob-phone, a service which supports this, and bills accordingly, and the money to buy the download, and I can repair any holes in my collection. Golly-wow.

But I'd imagine you can link somethign to phone to preserve these things, right?
It's a nice news, but if I recall the new books edition was cancelled right?

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