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October 18 2008

Pensees Admiratives shares her Top 10 Evil League of Evil Applications. Some good picks!

Also, Pink Raygun has begun interviewing their favorite applicants.

ETA that I was just discussing the linked picks on Twitter, remarking on how many of the ones making various "top 10" lists seem to be the ones in Vimeo. Given that there are 85 on Vimeo but like 551 on YouTube, there must be SOME on YouTube worth getting into more top 10 lists, no?

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Oh, that's so evil. That's a schedule of evilness. Even bought Batman into that wicked charm. There must be better things we can do with our time.

Then, why am I smiling so?
I'm gonna go out on a limb and say that The Reverend probably won't be getting in.
b!X, it's easier to go through the Vimeo ones as there are fewer. I'm guessing that is part of it.
I'd like to see some of the amateur but well done ones win. Not everyone has access to songwriters and professional camera operators.
Can I ask a dumb question?

Is there any single place where all the ELoE application vids are posted for all to see? They are just on youtube and vimeo?

Would love to see a bunch of good ones.
At the moment they are just scattered about on Vimeo and YouTube. A complete list does exist but is not currently posted anywhere. I'm asking.
I'd like to see some of the amateur but well done ones win. Not everyone has access to songwriters and professional camera operators.

I agree with this for mainly selfish reasons. Though mine did have a song, just not professional camera operators. The point is, amateur is awesome.
I just came across this one, Lady Laday, which is excellent.

Also, thanks GreatMuppetyOdin for the link. I'm partial to puppet-based submissions (there was another, called Timelapse, that had a great punchline).
Pipio Horribilis:* "These applications are exceptionally evil. Hard to choose. What to do what to do..."

*Literally, "horrible tweet."
Heh, heh. Joss, what did you start with that evil bunny?
I've actually enjoyed a lot of the lower-production-value ones more than #1 on their list, but maybe that's because I'm a hopeless fan of the funny.
I love this fandom.
I really hope Tur-Mohel makes the cut. (Get it?!?! Makes the cut?!?! BWAHAHAHAH!)
Wow, GreatMuppetyOdin, I love the Reverend! But then I love Lady Laday too. I hope Joss & friends go ahead and include all of the good ones, and don't just stop at some arbitrary number.
Yeah, Lady Laday's application was quite impressive. It's one of the applications that makes me fairly certain the Reverend is screwed.
I was just thinking, if there are approximately 600+ entries, then Joss and Co. must watch 30+ consecutive hours of ELoE applications. Damn!

That's almost the same amount of time it takes to watch almost 2 full seasons of Buffy. And I bet they are loving it!
I really like Lady Laday's application too. It flows nice, is funny, and obviously has a lot of time put into it.
I've watched a few submissions so far, but haven't had time to sift through most of them. Well, of course. I appreciate people posting the ones they've enjoyed. I have not seen Lady Laday's one before and it was entertaining.

GreatMuppetyOdin, The Reverend's song is quite catchy. I like it. I watched it when you posted it before and I clicked again and immediately started bobbing my head along.

I think it's amazing what people are doing with whatever resources they have. I do not envy the League in trying to narrow the applicants down to ten.

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Michael Boretz says DVD pre-orders on Amazon next week.
And apparently ships by late November. Good God, how are they going to watch all these videos in that time, choose ten, and get everything put together?

That's craziness.
Honestly, they need just divvy up the videos into batches, have each of them pick a couple faves from their batch, and then just bring those accumulated faves into a final round they all choose from. That's what I think, anyway.
Even if they don't make it to the DVD, I feel maybe they can make a top 25/50/100 list for the honorable mentions. Because just by looking at some ELE entries it's clear that many very good submissions aren't going to make it to the DVD.
I thought this would be better suited as a new front page discussion.

Meanwhile, re: the full list of applications thing, I'm still waiting to hear back about putting it up.
I thought this would be better suited as a new front page discussion.

Turns out, not so much
Not better suited? Or the information in the interview is wrong?
The info has been updated and I've reposted the link accordingly.
I find it a bit creepy that they did it by EDITING THE INTERVIEW rather than posting, say, a correction/update at the top.
Aaaaaaaaaaaaaw I LOVE The Steward! (I'm a union rep)
Big Brother says he has no problem with changing the interview, but he does say he's watching.

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