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October 18 2008

The Kids Need to Read Browncoat Endowment. "A percentage of all money raised for Kids Need to Read by any Browncoat group in the future will be added to the endowment so that it will grow and benefit children’s literacy in perpetuity."

Thank you Kids Need to Read, California Browncoats, Austin Browncoats, Mid-South Browncoats and NoVA Browncoats Meetup Group.

So how does a Browncoat all by their lonesome donate to The Kids Need to Read Browncoat Endowment?

A Browncoat can. See answer below.

And Whoo-hoo! Browncoat Endowment! Maybe Equality Now can set up one too.

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Maybe Adam Baldwin's fav charity The Marine Corps Law Enforcement Foundation can too.

Turns out there scholarship set aside in the name of the Browncoats. See below.

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surely it's the decision of the fund-raising event organiser where their money goes to.... not a charitable group saying that a percentage of all money raised by a certain group of people will be donated to them?

I'm sorry but unless they have contacted every single Browncoat fan group, and endeavor to contact any group set up to put on ad-hoc fund raising events, they can't make this blanket statement?

Dont' want to be a kill-joy but if I, off my own back, decide to hold an event to raise funds for charity, and theme it around Firefly/Serenity and invite people from the UK Browncoat community - I am under no obligation to send money to Kids Need to Read (and to be honest I'd like to support other charities for personal reasons, not that I don't think they're doing a good thing). I just don't see how they can make this claim?

Or perhaps they just missed the word 'these' from the sentence "A percentage of all money raised by THESE Browncoat groups in the future will be added to the endowment..."
Err, they're not saying all Browncoat groups have to send them money for the endowment, they're saying of all money Browncoat groups send them, a percentage will go towards the endowment. Clearly no charity can force you to give them money, that wouldn't be 'charity', that'd be 'tax' ;).

(it's a really nice idea that basically means a permanent reminder of the Browncoat contribution to Kids Need to Read)
Just re-read the article and it's not clear
Yeah I get what it means, but it's not well-written. Ah, irony.
In fairness they're all about the reading, their position on writing isn't clear ;).

I agree it could be worded better Jaynesgirl but look at it this way: if your reading of it is correct then 'Kids Need to Read' must believe they can actually force all Browncoat charity groups across the world (even those that don't yet exist) to send them money for the endowment. How likely does it really seem that they'd believe that, given that it's obviously impossible ?

Or, as you suggest, maybe it only applies specifically to the named groups (i.e. they missed off 'these'), in which case it's still not a problem for any other groups.

And if you're still, for some reason, worried then you can always pop them an email just for clarification.
Kinda' reminds me of "The Who" The Kids Are Alright.
Regardless, I'm going to take it as it was meant: a compliment, recognition and thank you to a few dedicated groups of Firefly/Serenity fans who worked hard for the Kids Need to Read effort. I think it's a very sweet gesture, no matter how it is worded.
It occurs to me that the actual proper reading is possibly meant to be "A percentage of all money raised [for Kids Need to Read] by [any] Browncoat groups in the future will be added to the endowment".

The missing bit possibly isn't "these", which would be saying that only these Browncoat groups get to help fund the endowment, but the bracketed bits above -- meaning that any time any Browncoat group raises money for KNtR, part of those funds will go to the endowment.

ETA to add that in the next comment Saje nicely shows that I am a doofus.

[ edited by theonetruebix on 2008-10-19 18:00 ]
Yeah, that was a good point 4 hours ago and it's still a good point ;).
I can't see four hours ago until I've had my coffee.
Obviously they meant it as a complement and didn't think anyone would consider it a mandate, as that would be ridiculous and unenforceable.

I take it as a complement. And I think it's a very nice gesture. Also the MCLEF, Adam's charity, does have a scholarship set aside n the name of the browncoats after the SoCal Browncoast raised a crapload of money for them at Comic-con.
I can't see four hours ago until I've had my coffee.

Ah, pre-caffeine doofusry is barely doofusry at all, in fact there should be a pre-caffeine dispensation for pretty much anything up to murder I reckon (and even then, if your victim, say, jumped the queue in the coffee shop then maybe just a stern talking to).
If you follow the link it says 'A percentage of all money raised for Kids Need to Read by any Browncoat group in the future will be added to the endowment so that it will grow and benefit children’s literacy in perpetuity.'
Someone's reading this thread and making copy edits, methinks. Heh.
Well, my faithful webster is starting to grow dog-earred there.

Misspellings placed aside, I think what you are doing is wonderful, Anonymous1.
I think what you are doing is wonderful, Anonymous1.

Posting things to WHEDONesque? We all do that. ;)
Sorry, I had trouble logging in here. I did make the edit after someone kindly pointed me to this conversation. (Thank you for the edit suggestion, B!X.) It never occurred to me that anyone could possibly think we would claim a percentage from all money raised by Browncoats for anything other than KNTR. Wow, if I had known we had such incredible power, I might have though! ;)

I'm terribly sorry for the confusion. We only meant to honor those people doing nice things for KNTR and the children we serve.

[ edited by Ninja MALi on 2008-10-19 18:40 ]
I'm not sure many of us actually believed the draconian reading of the copy. I think many of us are just hard-asses when it comes to copy. Heh.
Oh, nevermind.

[ edited by Madhatter on 2008-10-19 18:50 ]
Anonymous1, to answer your question, an individual may send in a donation on the website or by check with a comment stating how much of it is to go towards the endowment. If you have further questions, please write to us at

And thanks, anonymous1, for always being so thoughtful towards KNTR! :)
LOL! I don't mind hard-asses, B!X. I would prefer our information be clear. Sometimes it's hard to see how others will interpret what you write. :)
Wasn't aiming to have a go... just trying to clarify my understanding as the way I read it wasn't very clear.

The edit makes it much more illustrative of what it actually means... for those of us who have their Sunday brains in!
for those of us who have their Sunday brains in! would make an awesome domain.
Back from vacation (boo!)

Yes, there is a California Browncoats scholarship at MCLEF. Actually, I think 2 of them right now. Both for families in California. I don't have the paperwork in front of me, but I recall it reads something like "The California Browncoats on Behalf of Adam Baldwin..."

This is great news about the KNTR endowment. I think the entire CABC board was on vacation at the time though (that's why no comments from us until now). :)
As always KNTR, it's an honor and a privilege. The Austin Browncoats are hosting a raffle at Star Wars: Fan Days (Oct 25, 26), a Book Signing at Creation Entertainment's Salute to Firefly and Serenity (Nov 22, 23) and a Pancake Breakfast (Dec 13) with proceeds going to KNTR. We look forward to continued opportunities to support your cause. :)

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