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October 19 2008

Dr. Horrible DVD and CD available for pre-order in the near future. According to producer Michael Boretz, "hopefully they will be shipping before Christmas".

Yes! Gimme, gimme, gimme!

Wonderful article. I was trying to track several points to quote later, but I ran out of paper before I got through the first paragraph.

What was that mention of Buffy? {Pencils and paper flying every which way)
Not only is this a great bit on Dr Horrible, it's also a really great interview with Michael Boretz. Insightfully cool.
He's a doll. Great interview, great news about the release!
Yeah good interview, most insighty.

Did it go then come back because of the despatch/pre-order date edits (I guess "late November" is still strictly "before Christmas" but "the near future" isn't quite as full of warm fuzzies as "next week") ?
Saje, yes. And as I've said elsewhere, editing the interview to make it seem as if he/it said "the near future" all along = freaking creepy. Next time, people, just add a correction/update at the top
Yeah, not a huge fan of transparent edits anyway (within reason, not saying they should announce every comma added or apostrophe deleted or whatever) but when it's supposedly a quote it becomes a bit weird. Maybe he phoned/emailed him back and gave him a new quote ?

Or maybe we've slipped into a parallel universe and that's the only difference ? Gonna keep a close eye on anyone I know who's mysteriously sprouted a goatee, just in case.
I'm glad everyone enjoyed the interview and I enjoyed talking with Michael. Information in the posted interview was updated at Michael's request.
Not to hard-ass again, but it shouldn't matter if the interviewee requests it. The original quote was what he actually said. Interviews are supposed to be real. This is what corrections/updates are for.

Yes, I'll stop now. But honestly. Now I will doubt every single interview or quote posted there.

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Bix, the Dr. Horrible fan site takes what they post very seriously and always verify information before it's posted. In this case, details changed so Michael asked me to update the transcript a few minutes after it was posted. I believe in honoring that simple request that more accurately reflects the news. Lets be happy about the cool news now :-)

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Lots of Christmas pressies I'm thinkin...

ETA: Anyone else amazed at the number of ELE applications? Going to be hard for them to decide on just 10!

[ edited by Beth'll on 2008-10-19 20:26 ]
Yay for the good news! I've already got plans for presents! :)

But I'm with b!Xy on the 'correction'. That's a slippery slope...
They should be kind to the environment and package the CD and DVD together!
The other "Browncoat" thread is making me reminisce... Michael Boretz wrote the "Beat it, Geek" Dusty Bottoms stuff on the Serenity board, right? LOL, I remember being pretty annoyed by that at the time.

He seems like a really cool guy, great interview.
"Transparent edits". Dearest Saje, I'm going to steal that one.
I honestly don't see how they could have a DVD out before Christmas. It already seems way too late for that. Gotta wonder what miracle they have up their sleeve to pull that off. I think late January into February is far more likely. Some of you (especially International) might want to think of back up Christmas gifts just in case.
Maybe they're aiming for Old Christmas Day.
Shiny! Can't wait!
Old Christmas Day? When was that?
Thanks to Amazon, I already have the CD to DH, but I will be waiting with baited breath for the DVD, which includes the new Evil-er League of Evil, who no doubt will challenge Bad Horse's crew to a Super Evil Bowl during halftime of the usual Super Bowl. Gotta be better than the halftime show, Bruce Springsteen notwithstanding.

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Let's just hope the DVD has better audio than the mono soundtrack on the iTunes download. I was a bit miffed to pay for that and discover it had poor resolution ( sub-SD ) and a mono audio track.
Oh no, this is NOT good news. I wanted these well before Christmas so they could be wrapped and mailed off as gifts from me to family and friends.... hoping for shipping 'by Christmas' is NOT going to cut it!
Hooray. New Tshirts. I hope they offer long-sleeved options. I can't wait to see the new designs.
Already saving for it. Hopefully it will arrive before Christmas for overseas costumers.
Generally corrections for typos, punctuation, or minor word changes in the text of the writer, no worries.
If you make changes to facts in the article, they should be corrected but with an editor's note at the top explaining the change.
Corrections in interviewee quotes, or updates to the facts (they were right at the time of the interview but something has changed) you should add a note at the end of the article adding the new information.
Just sayin'.

[ edited by C. A. Bridges on 2008-10-20 00:59 ]
Sorry... Old Christmas Day is January 6.
Hey, 01/06 is also Befana! I wonder if there's a connection.

ETbesomewhatontopic: I really enjoyed the part of the interview where he talks about his interview with Joss, and Joss getting bored. Though it kind of makes Joss sound like a cat or something.

[ edited by Jobo on 2008-10-20 01:00 ]
Great interview and awesome news!
I'm very very happy to finally hear officially that there will be a cd.
I've been good, I deserve a Dr. Horrible DVD in my stocking - I can't wait for a tangible product.

... wait, does the League read this page? Correction: I have been exceptionally evil. I'm so conflicted. Is it possible to impress the league and still get presents from the big red lobster man?
Just pray correctly: Big Horse, I have been very evil this year. Please kick sideways through the wall of my house, not neglecting the supporting beams, so that destruction may touch those in my family that I dislike, but not me. I know where all the money is!
Never mind the hard copy- I'm highly anticipating the DVD for the musical commentary alone.

And how did I not pick up that was actually Joss "about time"-ing in any one of my multiple viewings?!
bivith, mono? Really? Doesn't sound like it to me, but my ears aren't exceptional, so I'd be interested to get confirmation either way. The files definitely have L/R tracks encoded in any case (which would be a bit silly if both tracks were the same).
I just re-listened to My Eyes and it sounds like it's in stereo to me...mind you, my laptop speakers aren't the best...

[ edited by Beth'll on 2008-10-20 08:41 ]
And how did I not pick up that was actually Joss "about time"-ing in any one of my multiple viewings?!

That was Joss? I thought it was David... oh dear.
Awesome. Regardless of when they actually get it out, I can't wait. That will be a most horrible day of fun.
The goal is for both the DVD and CD to be available for pre-order in the near future and hopefully they will be shipping before Christmas.

I would sure love 'near future' to be five minutes from now. I can wait. :)
"Generally corrections for typos, punctuation, or minor word changes in the text of the writer, no worries."

Geez, now I go back and reread the article and the comments here this morning - was sending the link to my son - and I ignored a great interview to focus on a minor point, especially annoying since I haven't commented here much in a while.

Anyone else bitterly envious of Michael Boretz? Working with Joss that closely for years... Wait, not envious, that sounds stalkery. Happy for? Yes, I'm certainly happy he had this opportunity and not, say, me. But it was great getting some new news (DVD comng soon, sequel very likely) and I love hearing the behind-the-scenes stories. Here's hoping for a three-disc DVD set with extras that would make eter Jackson weep.

[ edited by C. A. Bridges on 2008-10-20 13:52 ]
That certainly was a great interview. I can't wait for the DVD and CD to hit the stores, because I'd love to have some tangible products from this. Also, new t-shirt designs? Made of win. I was still waiting for them to expand the line. If they include a nice-looking hoodie, chances are I'll buy it (although I'll probably end up buying a fun t-shirt as well) :).
bivith, mono? Really? Doesn't sound like it to me, but my ears aren't exceptional, so I'd be interested to get confirmation either way. The files definitely have L/R tracks encoded in any case (which would be a bit silly if both tracks were the same).

When I play it via Quicktime I get mono audio through the headphones. The info on the files says it's stereo, but it's not. I compared it with the soundtrack download and the difference is vast. The soundtrack is very obviously stereo. The video has mono sound.

I'm not ruling out a codec problem, but i've never experienced any other movies outputting mono in error. Try it with headphones, and compare with the audio soundtrack download. If anyone can definitely confirm stereo on the video via headphones, then I'll concede a technical issue.
I like the last part where he thanks us. Very humbling.

My pocketbook, however, is wimpering over in the corner because it knows it is about to be abused. *laughs perniciously*
I'm still hoping there will be a bluray version day and date with the dvd release. I don't need great sound, just the video in HD would be enough for me. If it doesn't come and isn't announced by the time the dvd releases, I'll get the dvd. I just want the best possible quality.
I get mono sound as well. Two channels, but they are identical. Looking at Freeze Ray in a spectral analyzer right now.
Well there you go then, mono it is. Deliberate crippling, Apple meanness, or just a cock-up?
Looking at Freeze Ray in a spectral analyzer right now.

Now that's some mad scientist talk right there. :)
Heh. All you need to do is combine it with this from MysticSlug's post:

*laughs perniciously*

and I think you have proof that whedonesque should apply to the ELE all by itself.

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