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October 19 2008

Variations on Bad Horse. Several different takes on the Bad Horse theme.

Ceemonkey sings the Bad Horse theme in the style of a bunch of different famous musical numbers. It's pretty inspired.

That is so awesome.
Oh, wow. I absolutely love this. It sounds nice, and with the lyrics as they are, it's got a nice absurdity to it too. Plus, I don't think I'll ever get tired of seeing how different people are adding their own interpretations to Dr. Horrible.
I feel we all should hold lighters in the air. :D
...or lit iPods. This is a great video
The Bad Horse Chorus is one of my favourite songs in Something about it gets me to laugh every time. Especially the "He's bad!" line.
Oh em gee. I wasn't expecting the Journey version. That was fantastic!
Loved that! The Bad Horse Chorus is probably one of my favorites as well, even more so now with everyone's different interpretations on it.

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