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July 28 2003

Seth Green not a "money-grubber" Last part of interview with Seth MacFarlane, creator of Family Guy, on which Seth Green (Oz) voiced the son character.

"Seth is a great guy, and he's somebody who really is very successful now. The great thing about him is it's never about money, it's about what he wants to do. It's about what projects he likes and those are the projects that he does. So hopefully, unless he becomes a money-grubber between now and then, we'll be able to get him back"

Wonder if this means that if written right, that we could see Oz on Angel. I loved the way he and Angel worked together laconically.

Animation is different, though. Even though Seth Green's character is in nearly every scene of the show, he often has very few lines which means Seth probably doesn't spend very long actually making the show.
Woow, Aaron Swartz, what are you doing here? I read your weblog of world (W3) domination! (Only you don't update much.) How are you feeling after your crash Buffy marathon, seven years in three months, wasn't it?
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Noxon & Whedon both metioned trying to get Green back for S7 but not being able to come up with the money. Like arronsw said, it's takes a lot less time to do animation than live action work.

I should add that the monetary issue is not a direct quote but is more implied in Whedon's interview (Salon, I believe). There very well may have been story and/or timing reasons for Oz not appearing in S7.

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