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October 20 2008

On Dollhouse's usage of phonetic alphabet. A linguist muses in his blog about the names of the actives in Dollhouse, and makes a prediction/suggestion for a possible plot line.

Romeo (a potential boyfriend for Juliet?).

They'd forget each other about star-crossed.
Just what I needed; another site for my favroites menu (in folder name D'C'A'.)
Hacksaway is funny. :D

I see a whole new type of serial joke coming on.
What a fun read. Nice find Anti, thanks for posting.
I like the names and the idea is pretty good.
Great site... Thanks, Anti!
Thanks, Groo.

Now that I think about it, I totally have to write a fanfic with characters named after the Hebrew phonetic alphabet. Once the show airs, that is :)
Oh come on, we can't have a character called Whiskey? Hehe, that'd be great. Guess who's going to have the drinking problem on the show?

Oh and hacksaway, I believe that's "star cross'd lovers." What's Shakespeare without unnecessary apostrophes?
I think "Whiskey" is a great name, too. But the character should be a humorless teetotaller. The one I really feel sorry for is "Golf."
They could specialise in swinging.

And i've just noticed the NATO 'Whiskey' has an 'e' in it, bloody sassanachs ;).
And Saje drives me to Google again. :)

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