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October 20 2008

More great Evil League of Evil applications. Another great set of Evil League of Evil application videos. This group was selected by Nathan Town who was the creator of the Firefly parody film 'Mosquito'. Enjoy. :)

I love "The Final Straw."
It's driving me crazy that Vimeo applications are getting all the play.

By the time the winners are picked, if it doesn't match up with the relative handful people are focusing on, I wonder how that will be received.
It is a lot harder to go through the slew on youtube rather than vimeo. But hey if anyone has time to go through all the ones on youtube then they should submit a top ten youtube ELE submissions.
The start of a YouTube-based look.
Kevin, yer a sweetie.
And don't worry gang. I have no doubt that Clan Whedon is watching every single last application, whether it's posted on YouTube or Vimeo.
I wonder how many hundred you'd have to watch before you started kicking yourself for ever coming up with the contest in the first place.
I have no doubt that Clan Whedon is watching every single last application, whether it's posted on YouTube or Vimeo.

Well, sure, because they have The List. ;)
I can understand why youtube gets neglected. While there are some really really awesome ones on youtube, when taking all the applications into account, I am more likely to enjoy an application I see on vimeo.

I think the reason for this has to do with the fact that youtube really can hurt the quality with its compression and that can dissuade some from posting there. For example if you put a lot of time into making yours, you will want to post it on the site where it looks best.

Still, the lists are omitting several ones from youtube that definitely should be mentioned. IE. Lady Laday, dieronic, Vampire 180 and has anyone seen The VaudeVillains? I couldn't stop laughing when I first watched it.
The Final Straw had me from "I am the sidewalk dog poo" :)
ELE needs a youtube channel for all applications.
Well bix, the youtube quality sucks (the resolution) so any reason to avoid it...

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