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October 20 2008

(SPOILER) Angel: After the Fall #13 Preview. It's up! Five pages, mildly spoiler-ish.

I swear. Sooner or later they're gonna run out of new ways to raise the stakes. First they go "the same, only now in HELL". Now Angel's dead, and apparently we're just preparing for something really huge that's gonna go down in a couple more issues. Which is a bad sign given that I thought that the really huge thing that went down was at the end of season 5, and I'm not sure I like the fact that I'm apparently wrong.
I was just coming here to post this lol:)

Looks great. So....another big army...bigger than the one in the alley?....awesome:) Cant wait till Thursday!
If the army in the alley was just the company's softball team than I can only imagine what's coming.
I was a little confused when it came to Spike's dialogue. What was happening in that scene?
Is it out this Thursday? I was looking at wikipedia and I don't want to believe I have to wait until the 29th.
It's out this Wednesday, yeah.

Slayer, the: Spike was thrown into garbage, which we saw Gwen do in the beginning of #12. After lamenting his situation, he rushes into the building that Gunn is in, and the Douche Lackey from Betta George's "First Night" story tries to stop him. Spike promptly stakes him. Then, Spike unleashes the slayers that Gunn had shut up.
Thanks Patxshand!
I like the new style of preview-er. Less going back and forth, more going forth-ward. And pretty.
I've been waiting for this FOREVER it seems like, I cannot wait for it to get here. It looks so good.
So is it the general consensus that 'After the Fall' is worth picking up? I've stayed relatively spoiler free and I think I'd like to give it a read.

Is the first trade only in hardcover right now? If so, thats a major bummer.
TOASTERslayer, Yes, Angel: After the Fall is worth picking up. I've really been enjoying this series and also the Spike mini-series. The first two trades are in hardcover but definitely worth it. IDW went all out - both with the binding (even a ribbon marker in the first one) and the extras. They're so pretty.
I'm having a hard time keeping track, so forgive me please. The After the Fall series are both accepted as canon, right? Joss approved and suggested, correct? But what about the Kelley Armstrong upcoming series? Or any others that I might not be thinking of? Do we have a definitive answer on those?
Sounds like MOThS, I guess.
Lioness - After the Fall series yes, everything else nothing has been said definitively either way.
This is looking great. Spike gets the best punchline, in "Brilliant, but only if you promise I'll also be thrown off a scyscraper into crap." Hee. And as can be expected, given my inclinations, I have a real soft spot for the "You think this will stop me? I survived slayers!" -- "I didn't. Yet here we are." exchange. Thanks for that. :) (And he leaves one group of girls to get stuck with another. It's his curse, heh.)

Can't wait for the conclusion of the Angel/Cordelia interaction here: one, because Issue 12, along with You're Welcome, was the most I've ever liked Cordelia's character and her relationship with Angel (both of which generally aren't big favourites of mine), and two, because I still think she's the real deal, despite Angel's apparent reservations.

No issues with the "company softball team" line so far, either. I don't mind upping the stakes when it comes to plans and armies -- we are approaching the endgame here, after all.

I like the art, and I'm back to hating the colouring. Meh. I'd love to see the black-and-white versions of Urru's and Mooney's issues sometime; I bet they were a zillion times better than the final product.
Enisy: I like to think she's the real deal here too. But then what is real in the Jossverse?
That "jigsaw" cover is one of my favourite covers of this whole series so far, I think. It works artistically on so many levels and yet also is a wonderful comment on the sub-text of the series too.
Despite my potentially crippling problems with this new previewer thingamabob, this looks totally kick-ass. So glad it's out tomorrow; the wait has been exruciating without any Buffy in between.
Glad you guys like it!
I've read it ... and as I said elsewhere it's great. Good Cordy/Angel interaction ... loved Connor. Some interesting Spike action (not in the preview) ... The art was good - sometimes great. Very sad about some things - And evil Brian

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