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October 21 2008

Alan Tudyk gets Good Vibes. Alan will be starring in a new animated comedy from the director of Pineapple Express, reports

Edit to correct the writer thing.

I wonder if that means Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg, or just one or the other.
Wow. Great, great news. The Rogen/Goldberg team really can't miss. If it's both of them, if it's just Rogen, if it's just Goldberg, I am very much in.
Yeah, sign me up as well.
This is actually from the director of Pineapple Express, David Gordon Green, not the writers.

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Ah, really? Damn, I was really going to tune in, too. I'll probably pass now--I mean, the mid-season is already loaded. Not much outside of a Seth Rogen written show could get me to add another show to the substantial list.
Why can't I find any listing of this show anywhere? No announcement of a pilot picked up. No indication of a show in development. Nothing. I would take this with a gigantic mountain of salt. Does anyone have a link to anything vaguely official? Oh look what I found:

The pilot is not picked up and is not even finished. That is what the November table read is for. It is under consideration for midseason. I guess this does mean that Fourplay is officially dead in the water.

edited to add Variety link

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Kirsty wrote that article T, I think she got it from Alan. I shall find out.
gossi, there are several places on ATDN where the wrong nomenclature is used. A pilot is "ordered" it is not "picked up". A series is "picked up" when it is actually a go. Good Vibes has only been ordered to pilot and then it will be considered for a series pick up. I noticed the same issue in the articles about Fourplay as well. Fourplay was never picked up. It was ordered to pilot and (since we haven't heard a damn thing) was rejected. I'm sad about that. I was going to see my cousin play Alan's lover. :)

Can you also let her know that "helmer" means director? The writers of Pineapple Express don't have anything to do with this project as far as I can tell.

[ edited by TamaraC on 2008-10-21 17:54 ]
Actually, the Variety article states "picked up a pilot presentation", which as Tamera pointed out, only means they like the concept enough to produce a pilot episode.
They didn't say "ordered a pilot" they said "picked up" that's what I'm pointing out
They say that it was picked up for a presentation, which is actually not even a completed pilot, Beth'll. It is kind of a half-assed incomplete pilot since it doesn't seem that they are willing to pay for the animation to be finished.

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