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October 21 2008

(SPOILER) Preview page from Angel ATF #15. Well-made (and creepy) page by Franco Urru from Angel ATF #15. It will remind you of something...

Assuming the corpses are WR&H's army that is mentioned in issue 13, why would Angelus kill them? Surely only Angel would want them dead?
It's not the army.
Heehee, 'night out on the town.'

*not thinking about real possible storylines, as her brain will be messed up enough by them when she gets them in full...*
I don't want to get my hopes up, but... this looks like a good colouring job for a change. Please let that be true of the rest of Fabio's work, too... *crosses fingers* And Franco's art is only getting better.
That looks very, very cool. Can't wait.
Angelus is back? WOW!
Wow is right! I'm guessing Angel wanted to die before Gunn or one of his flunkies turns him and it didn't happen. Either that or the story takes another twist in a completely unforeseeable way.
Yeah, wow is right -- this makes me all tingly! It's the Angelus we didn't really get to see in S4 -- sardonically witty and seductively charming, yes, but master of mayhem striding the killing fields and straddling the worlds of demons and men like a bloody Colossus (meaning the Greek, not the X-men version)? Not so much. Although the comics are like an abbreviated version of events (snapshots instead of moving images), it still feels like this might be the scariest look at Angel's legendary evil (and maybe the root of his future salvation/damnation?) that we've gotten in the mythology so far. Looking forward to it!

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please let it be Angelus!!! that would be so hardcore!!! it must happen... i command it!!
I'm not sure I believe it's Angelus
... or that he killed all of those 'people'. But I guess we'll see ;)
Well, that's badass.

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