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October 21 2008

The Ballerina vs The Contortionist. A behind the scenes look at the Terminator fight from episode 6 of TSCC.

I thought the "Special Effects" were good. They cheated and used somebody who can actually bend like that!

Must have been difficult for Summer to stand there and bend that woman's arms like without being afraid of hurting her.
Yeesh. I went through several facial contortions watching that vid.
That was amazing! Just watched it on Hulu and wondered how they managed to do the special effects. Also great seeing Summer getting to do more in a fight scene than just break stuff with brute force. It was a story fight with a beginning, middle and end, some humor, and a bit of mechanical character reveal (terminators are shy and can't fight when you're watching).

Other than this one great scene, however, we saw too little of The Servo Girl*

*JayneLovesVera's coinage, of course.

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