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October 22 2008

Just confirmed: Alyson Hannigan is pregnant. Just a small blurb at that talks about her being pregnant and is expected to deliver in the spring. Very happy for her and Alexis.

More Hannigans and Denisofs! Splendid!

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Wow congrats to her! That's exciting news! Wonder if they'll work it into HIMYM?
Congrats to Alyson and Alexis!!
OMGOMG, that's so great! Congratulations to Al & Al!
That kid's gonna be beautiful (boy or girl)!
Edited to change 'pregnant' to lower case. It's just less tabloid-y.
Oh, their kid will be so adorable! Congrats to our favorite witch and rogue demon hunter!
Yay. Congrats to Alexis and Alyson.
This is the best news I've heard in a long, long time! Congratulations to Aly and Alexis! Couldn't be happier for them. :-)
Excellent! The promise of more brilliant, passionate actors in the world. Congrats, you two! :)
I look forward to seeing how they deal with this on HIMYM. Wil her character get pregnant? Or will they do a lot of careful camera work?
And yes, that will be a beautiful child!
Crap, I wanted to post this here!

But mega "corn grits" to Aly & Alexis. Great news ! "It's about you, Mrs. Denisof... Doodli-doo."
Congrats to Mr. a Mrs. "Dennigan" on this joyful news! :-) I wish all the best to the happy couple and their future offspring.
The promise of more brilliant, passionate actors in the world.

Maybe we shouldn't decide the occupation of the kid quite yet, eh ? ;)

Congrats to the expectant mother and father to be, hope everything goes just as smooth as, well, a baby's bum ;).
A Buffy baby! How wonderful. Congratulations to the parents.
Aw, that's great! I'm really hoping that HIMYM rolls with it and writes in a kid for Marshall and Lily!
Congratulations! What wonderful news. Two funny, smart, beautiful people making babies. See, there's hope for the world.
Congratulations to Alyson & Alexis! What a wonderful addition to their lives. Best wishes for an enjoyable pregnancy and a happy, healthy baby. :)

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Absolutely wonderful news! Congrats to Alyson and Alexis!

Let the name guessing game begin!
Congrats to two of my favorite actors. I'm sure that kid is going to have an amazingly bright and rewarding future!

(Of course, that's unless he's a Cubs fan.)
Congratulations to them! That kid is going to be adorable.
That's excellent news. So excited for them!
Usually I hate those celebrities-getting-knocked-up-storylines, but this time I liked it, since this is my favorite celebrity couple ever. I am happy for them. Their child will be very beautiful, funny and talented. Is it wrong that I want to raise their child as my own? LOL. Just kidding

Lilly getting pregnant on HIMYM as well? :o
Ya know...I gotta be strange in the head, but my first thought when I saw this was "Damn...the Reformed Bad Mofos have reproduced. Guess the daemon world better start begging for mercy!" Then I had a moment of clarity and went "Awwww!"


In any case....many happy wishes to the good couple and sincere hopes for their child(ren)!
Yay. Good for her and Alexis. Very pleased for the both of them.
Btw, it should be "blurb," not "blub."
daylight: Well, there've been quite few of those, but, heck, every life is always "one more wonder," so definitely how exciting.

Admittedly, A&A are the only double-alumni couple I know about, so that's a first.
Babies! Babies! I likes Babies. And I likes Alyson & Alexis, so it's a whole liking-thing. May they have much Reproductive Joy.
'The Joy of Reproduction', now there's a sequel idea that virtually writes itself.
Wonderful news! Best of wishes to Alyson, Alexis, and family.
Congratulations to Alyson and Alexis!

There's already speculation that Lily is pregnant in the one year flash forward, but that will probably be too late to coincide with this. They'll just have to work their TV magic.
Mazel tov to them both! Now, let the "This one time, during delivery..." jokes begin. ;-)
This is wonderful news! So very many happy thoughts going out to their family. :)
Yay! Just yay!
Mazel Tov! Here's hoping for a healthy and easy pregnancy!
Congratulations to Aly and Alexis
Fantastic news, congratulations (and the best of luck) to both of them.
Big congratulations to my two favourite actors of Buffy and Angel (respectively). And, honestly, I dunno about writing Aly's pregnancy into HIMYM... I just can't see that in the show with a little baby in the mix. Ah well, it'll all work out wonderfully I hope. Congratulations again!
Well, this is one of the more wonderfull newsitems to hit the black in some time. Congrats to Aly & Alexis (even though they'll probably never read this ;))!

So, this is the first Whedonesque baby. How big do you think the chance is they'll name it Joss, if it's a boy or, eeerm... Whedonia, if it's a girl? ;)
Just want to add my congratulations! Just wonderful news.
Congratulations to my favorite celebrity couple!
I was wondering when they were going to have babies. This is so exciting. I'm so happy for them!
Same here! This is great, and I wish the couple nothing but the best.
Wonderful news! All the best to Aly and Alexis...
Congratulations and best of wishes to the lovely couple! (Is Alexis really 42? Don't think I've ever heard even a ballpark figure on his age before.)

And GVH - "Whedonia", ha! But, seriously - if so inclined, of course :) - they could name the baby "Joss" either way - see female British musician Joss Stone.
That's going to be one beautiful baby :)
Aww, that's lovely! Very happy for them.
I'm fascinated by ethnic studies, so I can't help it. Her father is Irish by adoption but Anglo-Saxon by birth, her mother is Ashkenazic JEwish, his father is Russian and mother English. short form, there's another little American being born soon :-).
This is lovely news - it just makes me feel all is right with the world. The first co-Whedon-actor baby.
Excellent news! Wish them all the best!
Awww congratulations :)
I'm so happy for them you'd think it was someone in my family who was expecting! Congrats to Aly and Alexis!
I now have a mental image of a baby dressed in a teeny-tiny Eskimo outfit...

Congrats to them- those two make a great couple. Perhaps the baby will grow up to have a Joss-worthy singing voice?
Congrats to them! I read the headline of this and squeeled with delite.
Could not resist adding the snarky quote about this great news I saw on Perez Hilton: "Must...resist...flute...comments...".


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Congrats to Aly and Alexis. They will make the best parents ever!!! :)
Wonderful news! Congratulations to Alyson and Alexis!
Wonderful news. So happy for Aly and Alexis.
Much love and best wishes to the happy couple. Two people finding genuine love in one another is one of life's most wondrous joys; a baby born of that kind of union just seals the deal. A springtime due date means they'll be welcoming a little (late) Pisces, Aries, Taurus or (early) Gemini. Get some sleep now while you still can, guys!;)

Geez, and just picture all the cool potential candidates for godfather!
Aw, hooray and congrats! Couldn't happen to two nicer people!
Congrats and best wishes to Aly and Alexis... and the little one too, of course! Couldn't have picked nicer parents!
Good news! Congrats to the family!
BABIES! It's international capslock day, says my RSS feed, and I choose to spend the caps on BABIES!!!!! YAAH! I look forward with glee to pictures. I suspect the adorableness will have to be seen to be believed. (So great! Congrats Aly & Alexis!)
Oh how exciting!! I wish them all the best and just know they'll have a beautiful baby!!
Oh, I'm so happy for them! This is wonderful news.
Congrats Aly & Alexis!
I heard Cordelia's line, in Willow's voice - "I have to call everyone I know right now."

Congratulations to the parents-to-be.

I wonder if they kept in touch w/anyone from the show, or if they all found out the same way we did?

So...Tony, David, James, Charisma, Aly & Alexis, Joss...anyone else have children?
Mucho congratulations to both Aly and Alexis.
A baby is a thing of joy (strangely, a teenager- not so!)

It's so great to hear such good news from a member of our self-proclaimed Whedon 'family'!
So...Tony, David, James, Charisma, Aly & Alexis, Joss...anyone else have children?

Iyari Limon.
Amy Acker as well from what I recall.
Liz Allen, Clare Kramer, Kristine, Adam Kauffman, that's all I know of people who appeared in more than one storyline.
Stephanie Romanov and Gina Torres are also mothers.

And many congratulations to Alyson and Alexis.
Great news, these two still seem to glow when they're together.
I think it's adorable! I admit, I kinda squeed when I heard it on the radio yesterday!
Laurel Holloman too. Adam Baldwin. Mark Sheppard. It's really a very long list!

It's just that this is the first child where both partners are on said list.
This is great!

Congrats, you two!
Gosh, happy news! Congratulations!

on a side note, hopefully "the red genes" will be strong in this one *g* (hey, natural redheads are becoming rare!)

Good luck, soon to be mom and dad!
mol;ey75; I don't know why I forgot to write thsoe names, I knew that, thanks mate. rachVG thanks for adding info I didn't have.
More Whedonverse parents -- David Fury, Marti Noxon, George Hertzberg (Adam in "Buffy" Season Four), Keith Szarabajka (Holtz) and Whedon hat-trick guy Jeff Ricketts (Watcher who chases Faith from "Buffy" onto "Angel," sewer monster in "Angel" and Blue-Hand Man in "Firefly").
So we seem to have discovered that most people in their late 30s to early 40s have kids. Someone call Guinness ;).
Someone call Guinness ;). Yup, beer would most definitely solve this particular issue!
YAY!! It's about time :) I've been waiting to hear this for forever. Congratulations!
Congrats to Aly and Alexis!! Their kid will be sooo beautiful.
Best of luck to them.

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Imagine having parents with such comedic timing! Fantastic.
Lovely, happy news! Congratulations to the new-parents-to-be!
Hope they have a storybook pregnancy...though...perhaps not a Whedonverse/storybook pregnancy. *shudder* Not so cheerful events, those.
I suspect this will be a cute baby. Huzzahs to the happy couple.
NigtOwl: Thing is, very few (some!) of the Buffyverse pregnancies were of normal origin to begin with. Altho that wouldn't have stopped Joss from coming up with a nightmare. And it hasn't stopped any number of fic writers*....
Heck, we're of the front apge now so why shouldn't I ahev soem fun?

*I have one in my notebooks; Dawn giving brith to twins while the hospital is besieged by a small army of demons. Glory e ven e scapes from wherever she's pent-up and finds herself forced to help the good guys, to her disgust.
How did I miss this? What great news! Congrats to both of them.

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