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October 22 2008

(SPOILER) A taste of what to expect in episode six of Dollhouse. Spoiler TV has the title and casting call details for this Tim Minear penned episode.

This ep is written by Tim. (His first on Dollhouse)

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It'd be kinda cool if the title of the episode was instead True Calling.

Those little hints about the plot, though, are tantalizing. I can imagine some really interesting stuff happening in that episode, especially with Tim writing it.

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Cheers for the info gossi, I added that to the entry.

And also we don't sign our posts here as the username at the bottom of your comment takes care of that for you.
Wasn't Tim supposed to be writing a two-parter that would be episodes seven and eight?

Could this possibly be part one of two, and they just moved it up one?
By any chance, would this charismatic quasi-Christian cult leader wear tight pants?
And also we don't sign our posts here

Yeah, I knew that...I was just typing things up fast b/c I was heading into a meeting and fell into my habits from other places. (I haven't done it before...and it won't happen again, I swear!)
No worries :). I'm like that when I'm rushing to get a train.


The mind boggles. Can't wait to see who they'll get to play a Jim Jones type character.
I wonder if he's channeled some of the ideas he is/was working on for the "Miracle Man" show that was/is "in development" for ABC.

It's still listed over on Futon Critic in the "Dev Watch" section, but I haven't heard or seen anything recently. Anyone know anything?

Anyway, all I have to hear is "Tim Minear" and I'm there. I wonder if he gets to kill any of the regular cast? ;)

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All I needed to hear was our beloved Tim was the writer and all was bliss. Gosh, January had better come soon for I'm dancing on hot stones for our Joss television again. Who knows, I may start chewing on the furniture next ;)
I prefer to wait.
Spoilers.... this is making me very nostalgic.
Doesn't, Numfar!
I'm betting that Numfar PTB knows what does or does not make him nostalgic.

Just sayin'.
Crikey. What with all the leaked casting info, plot details, script pages and promo photos that seem to keep coming out for each episode, will there be much point to actually watching the show itself?
BrewBunny, I raised that exact concern on this very website a few months ago. Ultimately, it's down to people if they want to read about it. Thankfully we represent a small subsection of the audience. Also, the sides generally don't give away major plot events, and sometimes occasionally they are misdirects.

I do think the internet is a wonderful tool as it's enabled us to be closer to a show, but sometimes it becomes a bit like, well, incest.
I'm very glad to have the worst memory in the world. I think I've probably read way more about Dollhouse than I should've, but I can only think of one plot detail that I both can remember and wish I couldn't.

So hooray failing brains.

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I hear ya, gossi. My comment was really more rhetorical and not intended to serve as a criticism of anyone. I can be as tempted by spoilers as the next fangirl, but luckily my delight in surprises can often temper my curious nature. I may be one of the 4 people out there who who could get through pregnancy without finding out the sex of the baby.
Oh! Me and my silly fingers. Allow me a correction.

"Doesn't it, Numfar!"

I've the feeling he knew what I meant to say.
Tim Minear! 5 episodes under the belt, and then into the darkness?
Hooray for the darkness! More darkness, please.
"Echo is hired by a mysterious client to participate in a secret illegal cross-country road race."
Echo is programmed to have perfect .

[ edited by Pointy on 2008-10-23 03:53 ]
She meets a mysterious, broody private investigator in a dark alley. His hair goes straight up.
I don't know if Tim Minear has written an episode of anything concerning religion directly. Please correct me if I'm wrong. But I remember him talking about having been brought up fundamentalist Christian in an interview somewhere. Write what you know, they say.
BrewBunny, with self-discipline in opening links and quick eye-averting in comments sections I've managed not to know anything about "Dollhouse" beyond the setup, so I'm eager for air date. Thanks to all for spoiler tags and restraint.
I don't know if Tim Minear has written an episode of anything concerning religion directly. Please correct me if I'm wrong. But I remember him talking about having been brought up fundamentalist Christian in an interview somewhere. Write what you know, they say.

While it was never expressly religious, Wonderfalls definitely played with religious themes. If I recall correctly, the bonus materials on the DVDs include interviews with the writers/producers where they talk about Jaye as a sort of Christ-like character, especially in the later episodes.
His pilot Miracle Man concerns religion directly, although that's still in the works (last we heard).
This got to me thinking... but it turns out someone else wrote that fabulous X-Files episode about the snake cult. I actually don't remember the plot so well, just that it was great and there was a stunning visual of rain at the end of the teaser.

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