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October 22 2008

Showtime renews Dexter for two more seasons. Another 2 year stint in Miami for Julie Benz.

Yay:) This makes me very happy. I love this show. It's up there with Lost and Family Guy/American dad as shows I *have* to see.
Fantastic. 'Dexter' has, so far, brilliantly walked the fine line of mixing it up and moving forward each season without losing the essence of the show - seems like the creators will be able to do that only moreso knowing they've got a two year commitment (though personally I hope they don't decide to go for a cliff-hanger between seasons, I like the self-contained yet open-ended structure they use now).
Agreed that Dexter has managed to move forward without losing the essence of the show. I'm loving this season so far (although it will be hard to top the first two seasons--even if the current plotline suggests even more Julie Benz involvement).
Dexter is a remarkable show, they have had real character growth for all of their characters while having some incredibly interesting story arcs. I have to say that I was astonished by how much I really love this show (and the cute serial killer title character)!
I don't believe for a second that they have anyplace to go for another two season. They're already spreading the character way too thin, I'm afraid. Some concepts you can't drag on forever; the British model should start getting applied on many US shows, I think.
YAY! Brilliant show.
They're already spreading the character way too thin, I'm afraid.

I disagree, so far Dexter's evolution has seemed very natural (well, for him at least ;) to me and not at all strained (not to mention Rita's, though I guess as a character she's probably closer to being "done").

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Woohoo! Excellent news, my favourite show already renewed and for two seasons at once that is. I don't think Dexter as a concept is very limited, could be wrong though, guess we will see. Anyway, I haven't really seen any signs of the writers not knowing were to take the show anymore this season. To me the season so far has been fantastic and the trailer for sundays episode seems to indicate it will only get better. Looking forward to it.
Another 2 year stint in Miami for Julie Benz.*

*one assumes (who knows with this show)

Anyway, I was a little worried since this was the first season where they didn't have a book to base the series on (although apparently the series has never been particularly accurate to the book, even regarding major plot points). The first two seasons had fantastic hooks, , which this season doesn't really have. That said, so far it's flowing really naturally, and it feels as if it's going somewhere, and I can't wait to see more.
MattK, the second season wasn't really based on the books.
This is a show I was at first hesitant to check out, but once I did I came to really enjoy this show and look forward to watching it.

That past two seasons were excellent; this second is good so far. I'm just curious about what's going to happen. (Always a good thing with tv/movies/life.)
I may be in the minority, but I think this season is shaping up to be my favorite so far. If they pay off the things they've set in motion even remotely well - and based on the last two seasons, I have no reason to doubt they will - this is going to be just brilliant.
Yay! I'm so happy. This is by far my favourite show on cable television.
Yippeeh I adore that show.
I think this season also has a fantastic hook - with the disintegration of the Code of Harry, which began at the end of Season Two. And the most recent episode's final scene was one of the series' highlights.

I've always worried about how far this concept would go, but so far, so great. Two years gives the writers time to plan an appropriate end game, too.
Yea! A friend bought my wife & me Season 1 as a gift. Just finished watching it yesterday. While there's less focus on the subtleties of language than in one of Joss's shows I find Dexter's concept, plot development, and character evolution incredibly compelling. Excellent show. (Need to buy S2 immediately!)
The only real connection between the second book and the second season of Dexter is that both ended up putting Doakes' darkness more in the spotlight.

I actually enjoy the series much more than the books--the first book was solid, but the next two simply didn't work for me, with the sci-fi/fantasy elements of "Dexter in the Dark" falling completely flat, as far as I'm concerned. In a way I admire that the books, unlike the series, don't try to humanize Dexter over time; but as a result the books feel too static. Maybe the danger of focusing on a sociopath as a main character.
Yay! I love Dexter! (I have to admit having Julie Benz in the mix doesn't hurt).
On a related note, the other day I found some fanart that was a picture of Hall with S.K.I.L.F scrawled across it. It made me giggle :)

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