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October 22 2008

Ron Glass lends voice to recently released Fable II. Stephen Fry (Dr. Gordon Wyatt on Bones) joins him in the role of "Reaver."

I spotted his name listed in the credits of the booklet and you can briefly see Glass at the tail end of the video. The bit about the dialogue begins around the 5:30 mark. Juilia Sawalha, Oliver Cotton, Gemma Boyle and Zoe Wanamaker finish out the cast of voices.

In other video game news Keith Szarabajkaws and Iyari Limon are both in the recently released "Dead Space". Iyari plays the girlfriend of the main character that he is trying to find and Keith plays one of the doctors that you see video footage of throughout the game.

When I heard him talking in the game I instantly recognized his voice but was surprised when I watched the credits at the end and saw Iyari's name because I didn't pick up on that.

And when I went to IMDB to see if I missed anyone else I was pleasantly surprised to see that Keith had been in many games I had played such as Condemned 2, Splinter Cell: Double Agent and Mass Effect. I didn't pick up his voice while playing them but in Condemned & Splinter Cell he was main characters so I'll notice now when I play again.

My husband just got Fable 2 so I'll be definitely paying attention when he plays listening for Ron!

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I think this is the game Ron mentioned on the Cruise last year. He couldn't remember the name or release date or anything though. :)
I believe you're right, Dan. At the time of the Cruise, Ron just seemed glad to have had the work! :)

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And Jo Chen did the cover art for Fable 2 as well.

I am so looking forward to this game, has to be my most anticipated game in a long long time.
I've become so fangirly over stephen fry. QI is my addiction. It's nice to see them both get voice work though, they have awesome voices.
I didn't even think to look at the art credits! And I knew I loved the cover for a reason!

I just picked up the game last night, so I'm still feeling it out. But it looks fantastic already! It's the reason I bought a 360 over the summer.
May well pick up 'Dead Space', the Whedonverse voices are a bonus but RPGs aren't really my bag so i'll probably skip 'Fable II'. Glad to see some of my faves getting work though.

Near as dammit on topic BTW, Stephen Fry reads the UK Harry Potter audiobooks, so if you're a fan of the books and his voice they might be worth seeking out. He also does an occasional podcast (can't guarantee availability outside the UK, sorry) which is full of typical Fryian goodness (and rants and meanderings ;).
Stephen Fry as a Reaver is the strangest notion I've heard today. And I work in an art gallery.
Further going in the Off topic realm:

Julia Sawalla - How I miss Ab Fab! They axed it in the first season here.

Stephen Fry - The Brazilian singer Zeca Baleiro named an album as Por Onde Andara Stephen Fry where one music has the actor name.

And like I'm in the portuguese links, if someone wanna see the Brazilian new promo of Buffy.
I'm ready for Stephen Fry as a singing Reaver in Serenity: The Musical.

(But don't make me choose between that and his return to Bones in a House crossover reunion with Hugh Laurie.)
Anyone knows if they plan to make a windows version? I liked the first game (actually everything Lionhead has delivered is quite good), but just not so much that I would buy another console for it. Though the great voice cast almost makes me consider it.
Nothing definite yet but I can't see why not.

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