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October 23 2008

Alan Tudyk now on Gorgeous Tiny Chicken Machine Show. Prease for you to crap hands and cheering for Mr Tudyk, who guest stars on the just-released Episode 17 of YouTube hit GTCMS.

Gorgeous Tiny is the work of Kim Evey, who also co-produces Felicia Day's award winning YouTube series The Guild.

Girly Boy.

ETA that I'm very angry, now, at my nap because it prevented me from getting to post this.

(But now that Alan will draw more traffic to GTCMS, don't forget to sign the petition to bring GTCMS to DVD.)

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He's in danger! I can't watch.
I love this show. Felicia Day has been on it in the past, for another Whedonverse connection.
Felicia Day has been on it

That's weird. I never even noticed she for some reason plays Panda in Episode #8.
What's also weird is that Michele Gregory who usually plays Panda, is an Emmy-nominated actress (granted it was for playing a clown on a kid's show, but still)
This show does just keep getting weirder. But I have to say that Alan Tudyk fits right in!
God i love this show. I am so amused by the superhero alter egos - especially Unicow, and how he is still all pissed off looking :D
Were I a Halloween type person, which I'm not, I'd go as Unicow.
I should find a friend and together go as Unicow AND Cownicorn.

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