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October 25 2008

New Serenity Adventures for Role Playing. New book! I don't RPG but "Anthology-style collection" sounds close enough to short-story collection to me.

I've loved the other books for their tons of info on the 'verse and the artwork. I tried to order this months ago at Barnes and Noble and their computer couldn't figure out if it was available already and sold out or would be available in the future. I'll be stopping by today.

So are the stories/games something like Choose Your Own Adventure books, or those fantasy gamebooks that were popular in the '80s?
No, they're tabletop Role Playing Game adventures intended for a GM to run for a group of players.
It's a solid RPG system, easy to learn and fun to play. If you've ever been curious about role playing games, it's not a bad place to start. Plus, MWP has done a great job with all of the Serenity products. When you read the main book you can really tell that the author did his research, or is a true Browncoat at heart.

I'd recommend checking out the Serenity products, if only for the "fluff"....
This article is incorrect in stating that the graphics are by me. I did not work on this book.

But I'm working on the next one. ;-)

ETA: To clarify, I did not create the cover for this particular book, but the interior double page base design is my work. I originally created it for the "Out in the Black" RPG extension book, and it is used again for this book.

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Whoo-hoo! Next one!

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