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October 26 2008

Jane Espenson's ideas for the Barack Obama Half Hour TV Show. Next Wednesday, October 29th, Barack Obama has a half hour on CBS, NBC, and Fox. The New York Magazine asked a number of writers what they think he should do with that time. Jane Espenson's response is here on the first page.

I hope this isn't too political, I just thought it was pretty awesome to see Jane Espenson included in among so many notable personalities!

Jane's description is pretty funny. Don't know if the mods will allow the link to stay, but thanks for sharing. I've linked to the site from the Flickr thread on Obama.
Jane's is hilarious! I am so glad she's heading for "Dollhouse."
Jane on Dollhouse! YES!!!

I like Bruce Campbell's 'Barackula'. *snicker*

Oh, god, Goths for Obama! This article has me in fits of laughter.

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"(Not a special effect)"

::snerk:: That's awesome. I love all of these!
ShamelessSingingRennie: yea I was just about to quote that! just great :D
Obviously she's not a McCain fan. Not many of those in Hollywood. I'll note the delicious irony in her comment where Obama needs "special effects" to become a hero. Fitting, even if not intended. Perhaps she even believes Obama really can't walk on water?
No one voting for him thinks he can walk on water. He is just a thousand times better than the current or the alternative.
Excellent find, embers! Good read. Thank you.
You know who would vote for McCain? Riley Finn. *shudders*
Actually, just to clarify, I'm not voting for McCain either. I'm voting Libertarian, which means Bob Barr. Not interested in Demopublicans and Republicrats.
"(Not a special effect)" implies that Obama is so awesome, he doesn't need them to become a hero, quantumac.
But "(stunt work, CG replacement)" implies the other - basically, I don't think she's saying either thing, she's just making a largely pro-Obama joke (probably with the slight implication that McCain's old, just like most vampires).

Funny stuff, as a furriner I preferred the shorter bits (Jane E's and Bruce Campbell's probably being the funniest and Doug Hughes' tying for Most Interesting Suggestion and Least Likely to Actually Happen) because I didn't need to know too many American specific references to get them.
I don't know if Riley Finn would vote McCain. What's McCain's stance on demon issues?
He's pretty okay with them, I mean, he chose one as his VP nom, Likewithpie. That's progressive.

Jane's was great, but my favorite was probably Kevin Smith's. Oh, and I have never liked David Blaine...until now.
Blaine's was pretty good but it's gonna take more than that for me to like him ;).
Well, okay, I don't like him in a permanent way, but he has temporarily made friends with me. ;-)
I like Kevin Smith's idea best.
Jane's is pretty awesome, but I loved Kevin Smith's one a lot. His was brilliant. And he's right, Obama would still get elected.

James Franco's one was pretty funny too.
Kevin Smith's was the best, in my opinion.
It will be the hagiographic collection of clips and uplifting music that it should be, of course. Some non-sickening television written by real writers would be nice at this point, but c'mon, no.

I'm wondering if those guessing that Riley Finn is a McCain voter are referring symbolically to the military as a whole. I wouldn't be too sure. Not that it has much importance - it's a tiny, insignificant group of voters. But McCain often seems to reference a long obsolete version of the American military that may appeal to the nostalgia of civilian Republicans much more than the reality of the tired and exasperated people trying to work it now.
I just think it's bizarre that he's got a half hour TV show. What's that about?
I just read where over 3/5ths of military personnel prefer McCain. Which doesn't mean anything about my own vote.
Xane, his campaign has like 15 times more money than the McCain campaign (that number was totally made up, but possibly accurate), so he could afford the airtime.

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