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October 27 2008

Alexis Denisof to guest star in "Private Practice". This follows the previous week's great news about Alyson Hannigan's pregnancy, and another Whedon related casting - Joel Grey - in the same show.

Alexis' guest role follow previous guest spots from other Whedon related actors earlier this season, including Amy Acker and Fran Kranz.

Great news for Alexis. We haven't seen him on the small screen for a while (since HIMYM) - here's hoping this leads to bigger and better things!
For Alexis, I will tune in to this show that is otherwise completely off my rader. Unless my DVR is already booked up...when is it on?
Oooh this is great news! I'm glad to see Alexis on my TV again.

Oh and Maeve, Private Practice is on Wednesday's at 8pm central time or 9pm eastren time.

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Amazing news!
Wow, crazy timing for me to see this, given that here in New Zealand the Amy Acker episode of private practice aired just last night, less than 12 hours ago.
Wonderful news, hope he's there to rescue Kate Walsh from that dreadful show.
Congratulations, Private Practice--I will for the first (and probably last) time watch you. Apparently twice, if I've read the article correctly (he's supposed to guest again after his first appearance?).
Awww, I love him and I miss seeing him on TV! I'll defs have to watch that one!
Jobo, no, I think the article just means he turns up at the clinic twice in the episode, with different women.
I'd be hoping since HIMYM he would come back and do something, anything really. Even though I haven't watched this show, it will get one night's watching from me!
Alexis! Yay! *takes a deep breath*

I've been waiting for the past year to hear what he's been up to. It'll be great to see him on my television again. Sounds like he's been rediscovering his inner macho-man lately - first gets his real wife pregnant then gets two fictional ladies pregnant on Private Practice. What else have you been up to, Mr. Denisof?
Woot! I am so watching that! Even though I have never even heard of the show (I don't watch much TV). I miss the hotness that is Alexis.
Happy to report that since the end of Project Runway 5, TV Wednesdays at 9 p.m. are pretty dead, as far as I'm concerned--I usually look for a DVD or, if desperate, pretend to work. Therefore, AD's episodes go on the DVR calendar for sure!
Hmm, I thought that show was canceled for some reason. All the better for moi!
I had no idea Joel Grey was still among the living, let alone working.

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