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October 27 2008

The final chapter of Spike After the Fall (#4 of 4) ships this Wednesday. According to Previews.

Wait, Spike ATF has last chapter? That means that other Whedon things might have a last chapter... Which means they might end. possibly after only 4 episodes. Which means... Wait... uh... Oh yeah...


Whedon Alert to the colour of the cheeks of a small child who realised that JOSS MENTIONED THE WHEDON ALERT!!!!!!!!!
? I think this joke is getting somewhat old.
It got old a long time ago.
Aw :(

The description made me think we were getting a preview of Spike: AtF #4. Instead it's just a reference to Previews World.
Arg I haven't even gotten the newest Angel ATF yet. Stupid school is keeping me way too busy.
It's not a joke, it's serious panic...

But fair enough, will avoid panic alerts unless there is some genuine panic alert to be mocked.
Very much looking forward to reading this arc in its entirity.
Looking forward to it.

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