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October 27 2008

Mark Sheppard enters the Dollhouse. Mark blogs just a snippet on his myspace page about going back to work for Whedon and finishing up the season finale of TNT's Leverage (which stars Christian Kane).

This cast just keeps getting more and more awesome.
Awesome news! Just curious, has FOX released an airdate for the premier of "Dollhouse"?
Nice! I always enjoy watching Mark Sheppard.
I do too. He's great.
Madhatter, no they have not. My best guess is January 12th.
TamaraC, what about the comment (from somewhere, I forget where) that Fox may have to re-jigger the January schedule after picking up full flights of both "Fringe" and "Sarah Conner Chronicles"? It worried me that the "Dollhouse" premiere could be pushed further downstream.
That comment was pure speculation by people who really don't know anything and are all about the DRAMA and the PANIC. There has been no indication from Fox that Dollhouse will do anything but premiere in January on Monday nights as a lead in to 24 like has been planned all along.

Terminator will likely move to Thursday or Friday nights along with Bones.

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