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October 28 2008

It's Halloween: vote for your favorite vampire. The Atlanta Journal-Constitution pits Angel against a cavalcade of other pop culture fanged ones. Vote to make sure Angel comes out on top.

So, among others, Angel is up against a muppet and a cereal character. Angel's currently number 2, behind Bela Lugosi. The Count from Sesame Street is in 4th.
I wonder what would happen if Spike was on that list.
Spike on that list would create much discussion, I should think. Hm...

It says favorite "pop culture" vampire. Is Angel a pop culture vampire? I am stuck as to how to vote. If it's pop culture they want, I'd almost have to go with Count Chokula or The Count from Sesame Street.

'Course, we can't have Angel losing to Cullen. Dilema!
'Course Angel catches the best vamp awards, is there anouther?
Bill Compton (Stephen Moyer), HBO's True Blood. He can bite me anytime.

Oh yeah, he's on there. *swoon*

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OK, before you call me a bad Buffy fan, I voted for Angel. The poll is for *favorite vampire* period. Not *favorite vampire I lust after right now* so I voted for Angel. Bill and I just met, and I don't *favorite* on the first date.
Oh, esg, you'll be the last to be called a "bad Buffy fan" so believe me! That was worth a good laugh!
See, I think it would have been bad if Spike AND Angel had been on the list. Whedon fans would have been split, and one of them would have Ralph-Nadered the vampire election! Even though I think Spike is MUCH cooler than Angel (though Angel is awesome in his own right), I'd much rather have a Buffyverse vampire win than that Twilight dork. Also, what about the sexy female vamps?
Also, what about the sexy female vamps?

Yeah! Where's Selene from the Underworld movies?
one of them would have Ralph-Nadered the vampire election!

Ralph Nader just got verbed! *snerk* Montresor FTW.

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The best thing about this poll is the fact that it will come down to 2 fan groups, US and the twilighters...

they have no idea what they are in for heehee

ETA: Possibly Selene if she was on the list.

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What's with calling him "David B. in 'Buffy the Vampire Slayer'" on that list? They could have gotten in his whole name if they had gone with the title of the show, "Angel," that he actually starred in for five years, rather that BtVS, where Angel was only a supporting character for two and a half years (since he was only recurring in Season 1, not a regular) out of its seven year run. Why do so many of these articles and interviews forget that "Angel" was a series? AtS was fantastic, and equally as deserving to be remembered as its parent show, and as a character, Angel on AtS was naturally more fleshed-out than Angel on BtVS. It's like calling Sherman Hemsley "George Jefferson from 'All In The Family,'" rather than mentioning "The Jeffersons." It just always gripes me when they don't give Boreanaz credit for being the lead of his own show.

But why did they have to put him up against Count Von Count and Count Chocula? Angel might be a fantastic (and sexy) character, but the Count is quality edutainment and Count Chocula has nummy little marshmallows. Decisions, decisions.
deanna b:
But why did they have to put him up against Count Von Count and Count Chocula?

A little not-so-subtle hint that they don't take Angel any more seriously than the other two? (Which may answer your first question, also, now that I think of it...)
I'm a bad fan. I voted for Edward.
deanna b, David B - I'm noticing a trend here.
Since my favourite (blond, snarky) vampire wasn't on the list, I voted for Angel (whom I also love). He's my favourite on the list. Nick Knight might have given him a run for his money, and have to admit I am getting rather fond of Bill.
I confess, I had to vote for Count von Count. Had Spike been in the running, though...
There's no Martin Landau as Bela Lugosi as Dracula ("You have to be double-jointed... and Hungarian"), so Mr. B. gets my vote.
Life is full of complex choices; despite not having seen the mvoie, as a card-carrying macho chauvinist wiseguy I feel obligated to vote for Aaliyah
My favourite vampire is Dru. Adore her to bits. But from a distance obviously.
Gotta vote for Angel, just to keep the Twilight fen from getting too full of themselves. favorite vampire is Spike! And no Lestat?!

Haha, at least the Buffy fans are outnumbering the Twilight fans. To be fair, I've never read any of the Twilight books, but I've heard almost nothing but bad things about them. Even my friend who likes them says they're not good.
I think it's fair to say BtVS is a bigger part of pop-culture than Ats, I may lament that fact but fact it be I reckon hence mentioning him on there (i've also seen people express a preference for how DB looked on BtVS as opposed to Ats, so maybe they picked that Angel deliberately ?).

And is Blade even a proper vampire ?
Let's kick Twilights ass!
UnpluggedCrazy I've heard nothing but bad about the Twilight books, too. (Sparkly vampires? PUH-LEEZE!) But for some reason, they're nauseatingly popular. I have a friend who read them as what she considered an almost perfect example of truly BAD writing. She said the heroine is so dumb and spineless she makes season 1 Willow seem like a model of strength and self-confidence.
Saje, but it says "David B. in Buffy the Vampire Slayer", not "David B. in Angel".

And what's with the mixing of actors and characters names? First of all, are we voting for the vampires or the actors? Because as far as I know, the actors aren't vampires, though not quite positive about Snipes.
I must agree, Dru is an awesome vamp as well.
I had to vote for the Count von Count. He's the Count!
Spike. Spike. and only Spike....then Bill.
Guys come on the twilighters are catching up... No way does Cullen beat Angel ( way does he beat count chocula honestly) its time to bring on the wrath of the Whedon camp.
Bill Compton and Eric Northman are starting to shake my Angel/Spike applecart ... I don't think they'll fall completely off but it is interesting that this show is coming anywhere close to inspiring half the interest I had in Buffy and Angel.
While I think True Blood has been kicking ass the past few episodes, it still doesn't even begin to touch the Buffyverse (or, perhaps more relevantly, Six Feet Under).

Bill is a good character, but lacks the supreme tragedy of Angel, and Eric is faaaar less interesting than Spike. I liked Eric way better in the books.
I voted for Angel of course, but now I really have to go and hide because, frankly, the Twilighters freak me out.

Possibly because they can count my mother and sister among them. Ever seen a bunch of middle aged women squee-ing at a movie trailer? I have... and it ain't pretty!
If the whedon fans can take down Superman, Batman, etc. we can take down a dorky little vampire from a crappy book adaptation.
No Spike, I'm not voting. Also, Louis but no Lestat?? .... second reason to abstain. Reason number three, including puppets and cereal box figures.

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